Rule number One: Take a Chill Pill Phil.

Who’s Phil? Everyone.

Also – Happy Monday.

Today’s blog post is about how to prepare for your engagement session! Or your wedding photography… But truthfully the best way to prepare for your wedding photography is to have your engagement session done by your actual wedding photographer… not some other “friend with a good camera.” If you do that – then you’ll be prepared for your wedding day photography. Why? Because.

Oh, did you want some real reasons? Ok fine:

  1. Most importantly, You’ll get to know YOUR actual wedding photographer!! What if you hate them? What if you have a terrible experience? I hope you don’t… but your engagement session is a really good way to get to know this person who will be glued to your hip for 7+ solid hours on the most important day of your life. You better learn to like this person!
  2. You’ll get used to being directed and posed by your photographer, and it will calm a lot of your nerves and get you EXCITED about how amazing your wedding photos will be. I mean if you love your engagement photos just imagine how stellar your wedding photos will be.
  3. In addition to it basically being a practice run, you get a bunch of beautiful photos of you and your love to use for save the dates, wedding invites, wedding decor, home decor…. or just your Facebook profile! Because that’s what you really want anyway, right? 😉

Alright – back to how to prepare for your engagement session. Rule number ONE – RELAX!! If you’ve chosen the right photographer, then the one thing you for sure don’t need to worry about is how to pose or look good. I mean, you can practice your smile and your smolder in the mirror all you want for sure – I’d never tell you not to. But when it comes to the actual session your only job is to have fun!! It’s your photographers job to make you look good!

2. If you want to get into better shape before your session – be realistic with yourself and your timeline and put in the work so you feel incredible. Set your goals and stick to them.

3. Along with your photographer, choose a location based on the look you want. Do you want a cozy woodsy feel? Do you want a clean modern look? Beach? Park?

4. Choose your outfits based on your location! If you opt for two outfits I always recommend one of them be on the dressy side, and one casual/relaxed. Do you want to be 100% authentic you? Choose something you’d wear any day. Do you want to look like freaking models? Choose something you’d never wear otherwise but makes you feel like a total sex-pot! GO FOR IT! Get your hair and make up done – the whole nine yards. I personally am a fan of going big. However, ultimately, I want my clients to feel AMAZING when they show up, and excited for how hot they’re going to look in their photos. So whether that’s your jeans and flip flops, or a super sexy dress or suit – the most important thing is that you feel that you look your absolute best.

5. Consider props – I personally think they can definitely be fun but are not necessary, so don’t stress over this! If you can’t think of what props you’d like to use, skip it!

6. If you’re like me and can’t seem to calm your nerves because you rarely like the way you look in photos, have a drink or two before your session (Responsibly please! Absolutely no drinking and driving!). I’ve had clients bring a bottle of Fireball to their session and take two shots before walking in… They also requested that I take a shot with them, and I did… it was a kind gesture but please don’t bring me Fireball – I hate it. Maybe vodka… just kidding. Whatever helps YOU loosen up and have fun! But ultimately, try not to worry. Within the first five minutes of your session with me, you’ll realize I’m not exaggerating when I say – you don’t need to know how to pose… that’s MY job ❤



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