I’m really good at two things…

When it comes to Photography they say, “Pick a focus. Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none.'” Ok – so I know they say that about everything in life…. but I’m a photographer so we’re talking about it in relation to photography. Cool? Cool. Coolcoolcool. (just typing that made it start looking and sounding foreign… say it a bunch, right now, in your head… or out loud – sounds weird right?)

I went back and forth a lot in the past because I wanted to be a master of photographing all things people. Weddings, families, babies…. but as time went on I ultimately decided that I’m a wedding photographer. The biggest compliment to me, however, is when my wedding clients come back to me and ask me to continue capturing their life stories. My answer is always YES!!! I love capturing the lives of my clients and being a part of their special moments. But if push comes to shove… or someone just flat out asks (because what does ‘push comes to shove’ mean anyway? Aren’t pushing and shoving the same thing? And who pushes people these days when trying to get an answer out of them? Aren’t we all practicing ‘non-violent communication’ or is that just me? The last time I pushed someone it was my “little” brother Adam, and I think we were kids. Ok, maybe we were teenagers… but I digress), “what’s your specialty?” I say, “wedding photography.”

However, about two and a half years ago I picked up a new specialty. Ready for the cheese-o-meter to get hit so hard the bell at the top shatters into a million pieces? On February 24th 2015 I became an Auntie to Adalynn. This year on February 27th I became an Auntie to Jaidyn. And some days I think I’m a much better Auntie than I am a photographer. I also became a wife this year! I’m hoping that will also develop into a specialty for me, but I can’t speak to that yet. You’d have to ask my husband. He’d probably say, “She’s getting there… but I wouldn’t call it a SPECIALTY just yet.” I get it – I’m a newbie. I can speak to being an Auntie because my niece and nephew can’t really argue at this point… my husband can.

So right now my focused specialties are, Wedding Photographer, and Auntie (working on my Masters of Fine Art in wifey – at what point can I say I’ve mastered that? 10 years? 15? 20? …..1? Probably not 1.)

Every Thursday I get the pleasure of being the care-taker of my sweet niece and nephew. It’s my favorite day of the week. And pretty often I bust out my camera to capture the shenanigans. We run around with balloons, we play hide n’ seek, we make play dough, we try new foods, we sing, we dance, we cry, we throw fits, we take naps, we have silly conversations and lots of giggles, and so much dang love.

Here’s a small snippet of one of our recent Thursdays with Adalynn & Jaidyn.

For more information about wedding photography, or for lesson’s on how to be the worlds best Auntie (I’m modest, right?) – please visit our website at http://www.BriannaCaster.com


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