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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Sometimes I want to revel in the past a little. Don’t you? Life gets pretty real sometimes and it’s gotten pretty real a few times this year – in amazing ways that make you thankful to be in the moment, and in difficult ways that make you wish you could go back in time. So today I’m going back in time aaaallllll the way to 2015, hahaha. I know I’ve blogged this… Read More

Life has a funny way of coming full circle sometimes. Four years ago two of my best friends (Annie & Jamie) lived with me. We were in our late 20’s and life was taking crazy turns for all three of us. Just before Christmas in 2013 we decided to walk down to O’Hara’s Pub at the Orange Circle and have a drink together. We knew we were coming up on big changes… Read More

Who’s Phil? Everyone. Also – Happy Monday. Today’s blog post is about how to prepare for your engagement session! Or your wedding photography… But truthfully the best way to prepare for your wedding photography is to have your engagement session done by your actual wedding photographer… not some other “friend with a good camera.” If you do that – then you’ll be prepared for your wedding day photography. Why? Because. Oh, did… Read More

When it comes to Photography they say, “Pick a focus. Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none.’” Ok – so I know they say that about everything in life…. but I’m a photographer so we’re talking about it in relation to photography. Cool? Cool. Coolcoolcool. (just typing that made it start looking and sounding foreign… say it a bunch, right now, in your head… or out loud –… Read More

I wish there was a secret to balancing your professional life and your personal life… if there is, and someone knows it – and you haven’t already shared it with me…. then you suck. I don’t think there is. It’s something I am constantly learning how to do…. in good ways and in unfortunate ways. When you own and operate a small business you get excited and want to include as many… Read More