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Monthly Archives: September 2017

I mean – I feel like I’m pretty good at admitting when I’ve been wrong. And maybe wrong isn’t really the “right” word – I wouldn’t say that what I’ve done most of my career is WRONG per say…. I’ve just been cheating a little. Let me back track a little and apologize to my readers that don’t understand photography jargon. I’ll do my best to explain what I’m talking about as… Read More

We’ve all been there – right? Super pumped about going somewhere and so ready to book your flight. That was me when I was ready to book my trip to photograph a New York Wedding. I got to pack up my little Orange County wedding photographer-self and strut my stuff on the East Coast – AGAIN! YAASS! Then you realize that for some reason every airline wants your first born child as… Read More

Hi Friends! Yep – I’m here to blab some more about BOOKING YOUR MINI SESSIONS!! I posted a lot on Insta and FB the first week we announced them… My calendar fills up crazy fast when we announce these so the last two years I have brought in more members of my team so that we can accommodate more clients. Why do we do Mini Sessions? It’s no secret that we are… Read More

Alright Caster. Time to wrap it up. Let me start with – I still don’t have it all figured out. I have been successful, yes – but there are still mountains I want to climb and goals I want to hit that make me feel like I’m still a big nobody in this industry. Like any smart woman in any sort of sales business, I knew I had to start making relationships… Read More