Friends Vs. Professionals

We all know weddings are expensive! It seems like every time you turn around the cost goes up, and you’re over budget before you even start. So you start thinking about where you can cut back…

“Maybe I can just have my friend be the DJ…”

“I don’t need a coordinator, I can make my own timeline…”

“My friend really likes photography and posts really cool images on instagram and Facebook, maybe she can photograph my wedding.”

This is the biggest day of your life… So why would you put it in the hands of anyone other than professionals? The answer is – because it’s cheaper. But the truth is, you may live to regret it. As a photographer who has worked with many different vendors, professionals AND friends of the couple – I want to tell you that it is SO important to really have professionals. From the DJ, to the coordinator… and of course your wedding photographer.

Professionals know how to work with other professionals. They know that you have to be a team! A professional DJ would never announce your bouquet toss without making sure your photographer is not only ready – but actually IN THE ROOM (yes, this has happened… I stepped away to use the restroom, and came back to the garter being tossed). A coordinator will make sure that your entire day runs on time, so that you aren’t left with only 5 minutes of open dancing before your DJ is off the clock or your venue time is up, and that all drama is steered away from you. They work behind the scenes all day to fix any and all problems that arise, and to make sure you are pampered.

A professional wedding photographer – knows how to create your photography timeline and stick to it, also ensuring your day stays on track. Not only that, but we know how to work with large groups, how to organize the chaos of family portraits; we know how to choose the best room, position, angle and lighting situation; and often, we know how to work with the worst lighting situations, bad weather, and when we have to – unprofessional vendors. We know how to edit your files, preserve them AND we have the best equipment so that you don’t hear the words, “those images didn’t come out…” or worse “that card was fried and all of those images are lost.”

I could go on with this topic for hours… but we’ll let the images do the rest of the talking. This couple did it right, they hired all professional vendors and their day was flawless:

For more information on professional wedding photography please visit our website at


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