I am Not a “Self-Made” Woman.


Alright – week two of my newest dedication to blogging and I’m going strong! It’s no secret that I’m pretty terrible at keeping my blogging consistent (unlike my photography, thank God). It’s not even that life distractions get in the way, it’s that business distractions get in the way!

I am a business owner, and a wedding photographer, who happens to run a team of 9 additional wedding photographers. As a team, we have booked and photographed over 350 weddings in the last three years. Each year I give myself a new challenge so that I am always growing and learning. One of my professors in college once said, “The day you think you don’t have anything else to learn is the day you stop being an artist.”

This year I decided my goal was to get back to marketing my business… but for the first 6 months of the year I found myself putting this years project off month after month. I’d be lying if I said personal things didn’t get in the way like my wedding and buying a house… So I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to get some HELP!

A good friend shared a video with me today of Arnold Schwarzenegger giving a commencement speech and expressing that no one can make it alone. Everyone needs help to succeed. He said, “You can call me anything you want, but please don’t ever, ever call me a self-made man.” Sometimes we have to ask for help, and step back and realize we can’t succeed without it. So the biggest change for us this year is that we officially have an in-house office manager on the team! Stacey is helping hold down the fort so that I can refocus on marketing and growing…. Because you know, 145 weddings last year just wasn’t enough 😉 The moral of the story is that I, alone, do not succeed in booking 145 weddings and increasing the success of my business. I have a team of 11 great women helping me. And for that I am thankful every day!

Ann, Stacey, Elaine, Lauren, Alex, Cara, Melissa, Ariel, Carsten, Rachel & Bianca. You are my dream team, and you inspire me.

Another woman that greatly inspires me is this stunning bride Hetal. This beautiful soul has a spirit on fire and a fierceness I could only dream of emulating. She is a warrior and a cancer survivor, and now she is a wife too! Check out our Instagram for a little more on Hetal’s amazing story (@briannacaster)

For more information on wedding photography – please visit http://www.briannacaster.com and send us a message!

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