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Monthly Archives: July 2017

As someone who recently got married, I can confidently say that the BEST decision I made for my wedding (besides my husband of course) was hiring my wedding planner. I tell my clients all of the time, if I could have you hire ONE person other than myself as your wedding photographer, it would be a wedding planner. Wedding planners are painfully underrated. So many people think they can handle it all… Read More

To continue off Mondays Instagram post (follw me: @briannacaster), I thought I’d write more about my bit of advice to other small business owners. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, a yoga teacher, a lawyer… or any other profession you can think of – I think this advice applies. Running a business is not easy. To speak directly from my own experience, running a wedding photography business is not easy. Photographing weddings is… Read More

We all know weddings are expensive! It seems like every time you turn around the cost goes up, and you’re over budget before you even start. So you start thinking about where you can cut back… “Maybe I can just have my friend be the DJ…” “I don’t need a coordinator, I can make my own timeline…” “My friend really likes photography and posts really cool images on instagram and Facebook, maybe… Read More

  Alright – week two of my newest dedication to blogging and I’m going strong! It’s no secret that I’m pretty terrible at keeping my blogging consistent (unlike my photography, thank God). It’s not even that life distractions get in the way, it’s that business distractions get in the way! I am a business owner, and a wedding photographer, who happens to run a team of 9 additional wedding photographers. As a… Read More

Hi Friends! Long time no Blog. Mea culpa. Today I want to talk about wedding drama… because it’s as real and in your face as the excitement of wedding planning – but can really put a damper on things, and if you’re like me – get you so fired up you’re yelling in the car to no one in particular as you drive down the road to your next vendor appointment… just… Read More