Engagement Sessions. Get Excited!

Engagement Sessions are so important!!

This is another topic I could talk about all day long!!! We often get clients who have already had their engagement session or don’t think they “need” one.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this session even if you’ve already had one! Why? A few reasons…

  1. It’s the BEST way to really get to know your photographer. This is the person who will be following you around… or leading you around all day at your wedding. Doing a session together before hand really helps you feel more comfortable with your photographer and begin building that friendship that we all want.
  2. It gets you comfortable being photographed by your photographer. You will hear her say “relax your shoulder” or “put your weight on the leg furthest from the camera” etc. multiple times… on the wedding day, you will fall into these directions so much more seamlessly making your wedding day romantics that much better.
  3. The obvious one: you get more amazing photos of you and your fiancé!
  4. Did I mention how important relationship building is and that this is your opportunity for that?? Take it!

We are SO very excited to have a new Engagement Guide completed for our clients. We often get asked many of the same questions including “what should we bring” and “where should we have our session”? So we put it all together for you in this awesome guide, designed by our amazing graphic designer Rena Franco (www.renafrancodesign.com).

Take a look!

And also – Take a look at these other adorable sessions:

Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 1Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 2Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 3Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 4Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 5Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 6Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 7Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Brianna-Caster-And-Co-Photographers 8

If you’re engaged – GET EXCITED!! This session should be fun, relaxing, and romantic… yes – it should be all of those things. So many people get nervous about posing and not looking good in their photos… but when you hire a professional photographer… You don’t have to get nervous. It’s OUR job to make you look and feel amazing! Trust us.


With love,


2 Comments on “Engagement Sessions. Get Excited!

  1. Brianna is right about what she wrote in this blog . I hate having my picture taken on que , and I think posing is awkward , but in our engagement pictures taken with Brianna over a 1 1/2 ago , she made us feel comfortable , and knew how to give us great direction ,and took some of the best picture’s ever of my husband, and myself in return that made it much easier , and comfortable when it came time for her to take our wedding photos .


    • Thank you for this Holly!! It’s always great to have past clients affirm what I’m trying to teach future clients… Not to mention it feels SO good to hear this! I loved working with you and Tom!! ❤


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