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Monthly Archives: August 2016

We all know weddings are expensive! It seems like every time you turn around the cost goes up, and you’re over budget before you even start. So you start thinking about where you can cut back… “Maybe I can just have my friend be the DJ…” “I don’t need a coordinator, I can make my own timeline…” “My friend really likes photography and posts really cool images on instagram and Facebook, maybe… Read More

Everyone wants to look flawless on their wedding day… but often, the stress of planning, and the increased amount of stress that overcomes many people as they get closer and closer to the big day… can really take a toll on your skin. So I teamed up with a good friend, Lizet Gutierrez, who is a Mary Kay consultant to chat about how we can best prep our skin in the months… Read More

Can you believe that summer is almost over already? Where does time go!? As we say, “Until next year!” to this season, kids and families everywhere are getting ready to go back to school. Before you know it, the Holiday’s will be upon us again and everyone will be scrambling to schedule their portrait sessions so they can send out their holiday cards at the last possible second. Well – Lauren and… Read More

Engagement Sessions are so important!! This is another topic I could talk about all day long!!! We often get clients who have already had their engagement session or don’t think they “need” one. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this session even if you’ve already had one! Why? A few reasons… It’s the BEST way to really get to know your photographer. This is the person who will be following… Read More