Puppy Love.

In case you didn’t notice… we love animals. I especially love my own little pitbull Shylo. I love her SO much, that I named my second photography brand, Shy Heart Studios, after her.

Shylo came into my life 7 years ago when she was born. I actually was fortunate enough to watch her mother deliver 9 puppies. It was an accidental litter – the best accident I have ever witnessed. As the puppies grew and their personalities began to come through, Shylo finally began to stand out to me. I watched all 9 of these little babies grow for up and go off to their new homes. At about 8 weeks Shylo all of the sudden caught my attention. In a chaotic moment, all the puppies were running around and yipping at a sound they heard… Shylo got up, watched her siblings go crazy, and just sat back down calmly.

As people began to come see the puppies and take them home one at a time… Shylo would hide. She quietly snuck away and tucked herself behind whatever she could to be avoided. This is how she got her name and the spelling of her name too! I began to call her my Shy little girl and ultimately settled on Shylo.

Because of my love for this girl, who has been with me through so many of life’s challenges – I wanted to dedicate today’s blog to her and all of the fur-babies in our clients lives! We often get asked if clients can bring their dogs to their engagement sessions, and have even been lucky enough to photograph some weddings where dogs have been a part of the wedding party! We love photographing weddings and we love capturing the love you have for each other AND your love for your pets too!

orange-county-wedding-photography-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 2orange-county-wedding-photography-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 3orange-county-wedding-photography-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 4wedgewood-wedding-photography-shy-heart-studios 1wedgewood-wedding-photography-shy-heart-studios 2orange-county-wedding-photography-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 1


For more information on wedding photography, engagement sessions or both – please visit http://www.BriannaCaster.com or for Wedgewood Weddings, please visit http://www.shyheartstudios.com


With love,


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