Succulents, Dahlias & Daffodils, Oh My!

What grabs the attention of your guests more than the floral at your wedding? You can go subtle or extravagant… but no matter what you do with floral, it does not go unnoticed. Your guests will be tantalized by the colors, the textures and the scent. Flowers make everyone feel wonderful and will be a major asset in setting the tone for your wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I love love LOVE to photograph a gorgeous bouquet and intricate centerpieces… but I know little to nothing about how it’s done or how to help my clients in their quest for floral. Thankfully, I share a studio space with an extraordinarily talented florist, Beth Costa of The Pink Daffodil. So I’ve asked her some questions that may help you:

According to Beth the trends for 2016 are long tables, lots of greenery and a Boho feel. While the traditional brides will always be there, she says this is a definite shift from the trends of 2015.

So what do you do when you have no idea what to do about floral? Beth says “Pin it!” Pinterest is an amazing asset to help you decide what you like, and share it with your florist. When she has a good feel for your floral tastes, it makes it easier to educate you and walk you through your floral planning step by step.

The best advice Beth has for couples when considering their floral selections is to make sure you get what you really love. You’re only doing this once – don’t hold back! Make sure your bouquet is everything you envisioned, and remember that flowers really set the tone of your big day.

In conclusion, when selecting any vendor, choose someone you like and trust! Make every effort to select people who’s work and talent you LOVE, and who’s personality you love just as much. Try not to make choices solely based on cost because you may truly regret it.

Here is some GORGEOUS work by Beth. To inquire about her services for your wedding or any special event, please visit

the-pink-daffodil-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 1the-pink-daffodil-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 2the-pink-daffodil-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 3the-pink-daffodil-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 4the-pink-daffodil-brianna-caster-and-co-photographers 5

With love & daffodils!

Brianna & Beth

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