Nose picking… Silly faces… and the Country side…. oh yeah – and a Wedding.

Anyone who knows Rena & Kevin knows this blog has to be about them. Who else wants a photo of themselves picking each others noses at their wedding?

“One of a Kind” is an understatement.

This wedding was as unique as the couple in every way. Rena is a very close friend of mine and also the person responsible for all of the graphic design work for Brianna Caster Photography as well as Shy Heart Studios (Yep! That adorable SHS logo is all Rena!). I could not have imagined a wedding more true to who she and Kevin are as people and as a couple.

The wedding was held at a gorgeous, rustic, old fashioned venue/house called Spillian in Fleischmann’s, New York. The floors creaked as we walked on them reminding us of it’s antiquity. Everything in the house looks as if it has never been changed only adding to it’s charm… although it sometimes frustrated people going in and out of the brides room, having to jiggle the handle and lock JUST right to get it to open… it also kept us laughing.  I was almost afraid to touch anything, worried my not-so-graceful ways might break something so old and precious. It was an antiquers dream house.

The house itself had Laci and I stunned – and then someone pointed us in the direction of the ceremony site and our jaws hit the floor. We simply could not take a bad photograph if someone had paid us to… it was impossible. The entire grounds were immaculate in their natural state. Nothing was truly groomed, and it was absolute perfection. It’s as if the entire property and it’s surroundings are pure perfection – just naturally. I dream about this place… (Oh yeah – and the couple was pretty cool too).

Take a look:

Special Shout Outs to the team who made this possible:

Venue: Spillian – Mark Somerfield & Leigh Melander

All graphic work was done by the lovely bride herself: Rena Franco Design

Floral Design: Tiny Hearts Farm – Jennifer Elliott & Luke Franco with the help of Mary Lou Pappas

Sparrow Arc Farm: Matt Linehan

Mx Morningstar Farm: Max Morningstar

Make Up: Laren Weber Make Up

Hair: Karen Neblung

Chef: Chris McGee

Cake: Two Old Tarts

Photography: Yours truly, along with Laci Schwoegler

Rena & Kevin – Thank you SO much for choosing us to capture your day. It’s an amazing compliment when people I care so much about, want me to photograph their wedding. I adore you both and am so grateful to have been a part of your day as your photographer and your friend. What an incredibly perfect wedding you had.

Lots of love,


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