The Epitome of DIY

It’s been one of those weeks guys! I had this whole blog written and ready to go… and then my internet went down and had to be rebooted and I lost it. That was a week ago… and I’m finally sitting down to do it again after getting over the frustration of feeling like I had a great blog written and losing it!

Anyway… Andi & Josh!!!

This wedding was beyond impressive from start to finish. Doing everything yourself at your wedding is a LOT of work, and I find that it causes a lot of stress and lack of sleep to couples… but somehow it usually turns out to be worth it. This wedding was no exception. Everything they did was BEYOND worth the literal sweat and tears that went into it.

Andi’s parents redid their entire backyard for this wedding – and I think they need to start renting it out as a venue because it looks SPECTACULAR!! That or… put a jacuzzi where the DJ was… a lounge set where the ceremony/head table were… and a long banquet style family dinner table under the beautiful lights where the guest tables were…. Yeah – I thought a little bit about what I would do if it were me and I had this amazing backyard! I became slightly obsessed. You’ll see why when you see the photos. Also – I believe Josh and Andi’s father built the deck themselves! So amazing.

In addition to that, the art work (Andi is a graphic designer), the signs, the fabulous center pieces… etc etc etc… Andi’s mother made her wedding dress. The amount of work that went into this wedding is incredible – and it truly paid off because I don’t know about YOU guys… but if I wasn’t told it was all DIY… I never would have believed it.

Take a Look!

See what I mean!? Yeah…. you see it.

To make it all even THAT much better… Andi & Josh were the absolute sweetest people, as were their family and friends. Everyone was so kind, warm, and happy. It was truly lovely all the way around. I’m so grateful that they chose my team to photograph their wedding.

Special thanks to Melissa Kim (my lovely sister) for shooting 2nd for me, and to our trainee Alexander who got those epic dance shots at the end of the night! Welcome aboard Alex!


With Love,



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