Katie & Alexis… The Perfect Day.

Hopefully by the time I click “publish” I will have a name for this blog post. I’m stumped right now… and I’m never stumped on titles!

Maybe it’s because this wedding was so dear to me? Or maybe it’s just because there’s no way to describe it? Maybe that should be the title: Indescribable.

Anyway… As I mentioned in my few posts on Facebook, Alexis and Katie are very special to me for a lot of reasons. For starters, we went through a lot together throughout their booking process which ultimately lead to a lifelong friendship. They booked me almost two years prior to their wedding… so we had two years to communicate and get to know each other on a very personal level.

They were there for me through some major career changes, and allowed me to take their photography contract with me on my big move…. by this point, I never had any doubt that they would. Still, the transition was difficult and they were incredibly understanding and supportive.

As my business began to flourish, Alexis kept telling me she wanted to help! She loved what I was doing and wanted to help me do it… all the way from Canada! Shortly thereafter, she became one of the booking managers for my Wedgewood Photography brand: Shy Heart Studios.

So not only was a member of my team getting married on this day, but very VERY dear friends of mine. I was SO excited to be there – finally! Two years later… it made everything feel like it had finally come full circle.

The love between Katie & Alexis is so sweet, and so pure. They have every element one could hope to have in their relationship: true, deep, intense love for each other; a friendship that has them acting like war buddies – defending each other when necessary and always backing each other up, while being playfully combative teenagers at the same time; and loyalty that everyone could aspire to emulate. Throughout my relationship with them, I’ve been lucky enough to see each of those elements between them – and on their wedding day, I was honored to capture it.

Take a look at their wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club:

I am so proud to have been able to be a part of this GORGEOUS wedding. Alongside me – helping make this day memorable were:

Coordination: Wedgewood Vellano Country Club

Beauty: Fuse Hair & Make Up

DJ: JC Entertainment

Floral: The Pink Daffodil

For more information about wedding photography please visit: http://www.BriannaCaster.com

With love,

Brianna ❤

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