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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Anyone who knows Rena & Kevin knows this blog has to be about them. Who else wants a photo of themselves picking each others noses at their wedding? “One of a Kind” is an understatement. This wedding was as unique as the couple in every way. Rena is a very close friend of mine and also the person responsible for all of the graphic design work for Brianna Caster Photography as well… Read More

It’s been one of those weeks guys! I had this whole blog written and ready to go… and then my internet went down and had to be rebooted and I lost it. That was a week ago… and I’m finally sitting down to do it again after getting over the frustration of feeling like I had a great blog written and losing it! Anyway… Andi & Josh!!! This wedding was beyond impressive… Read More

Hopefully by the time I click “publish” I will have a name for this blog post. I’m stumped right now… and I’m never stumped on titles! Maybe it’s because this wedding was so dear to me? Or maybe it’s just because there’s no way to describe it? Maybe that should be the title: Indescribable. Anyway… As I mentioned in my few posts on Facebook, Alexis and Katie are very special to me… Read More