A first look AND Sunset Romance

One of these days someone might tell me to stop talking about the First Look in my blogs… but until then, I’m going to talk about it.

Not everyone wants to do it… and that’s ok. We have a lot of couples that prefer to do all of their photos after the ceremony. The downside to that, is that you are then far more limited on time.

For Alyssa & Jeff’s wedding at Wedgewood Sierra La Verne, along with several others we’ve photographed so far this summer, they chose to do a first look AND take advantage of a sunset segment. When couples do this they ultimately get TWO full hours of portraits of just the two of them. And let’s face it… when you’re paying for professional wedding photography those really are the most important images… so why not maximize your time and our talent?

Take a look at how lovely it is when you do that… (I’ll be posting a few more weddings from this summer where the couple did this… so you’ll get to see a nice variety if you stay tuned…)

Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7524 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7533 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7828 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7954 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7947 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8015 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7557 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7603 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7656 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7640 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7616 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7689 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7626 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8067 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7730 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-7711 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8065 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8023 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8024 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-3069 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8062 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8059 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8089 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8118 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8248 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8284 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-3091 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8124 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8351 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8364 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8375 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8383 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8396 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8399 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8433 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8439 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8442 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8496 Wedgewood_Sierra_La_Verne_Wedding_Shy_Heart_Studios-8518


And that’s not even a quarter of the images we got from those two lovely segments. So if you’re open to a first look – we always say DO IT!! If you really don’t want to, that’s ok too – but maaaaybe try to extend your cocktail hour so you can get more photos!

By the way – we are loving Wedgewood Sierra La Verne more and more every time we shoot there!

For more information please visit us at http://www.ShyHeartStudios.com


With love,

The Shy Heart Studios Team.



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