Ready, Set – Blog.

I mentioned before how I’m trying to get better at blogging every wedding. I still haven’t quite mastered it, but I am finally getting there!

I went back through all of the weddings we’ve photographed so far this year (more than 30 already) to pull some photos so that I can really begin to blog everyone. These will be posted in no particular order but everyone from this year will get a turn!

Today’s blog… The lovely Hollie and the badass Joseph. Maybe it’s his epic beard, or maybe it’s her gorgeous long dark hair… but there is something about this couple that screams “Rock Star” to me.

Hollie & Joseph were married earlier this year at Wedgewood Upland Hills. Our Executive Photographer Elaine King did a stunning job of telling their story… take a look:

We just keep falling in love with Weddings at Wedgewood Upland Hills. For more information on Wedgewood wedding photography or to see more of our work, please visit


With Love,

The Shy Heart Studios Team

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