Double the Couple – Double the fun.

Yep yep yep! Finally blogging our most unique wedding to date!

Having never shot with 3 other photographers at once, and having never shot a double wedding… I admit that I was as excited as I was nervous about going into this wedding. However, being reminded that my team had my back and getting incredible words of encouragement from them – I have to say, I am SO proud of this wedding. My team kicked SOOOOO much butt and produced about 8,000 images.

We worked seamlessly together and I  think the entire day was as much of a dream for us as it was for Chris & Christine, and Nick & Laura. We really just soaked up all the love that was surrounding them and oozing out of them and it truly was a flawless day.

The girls got ready at the Garden Cottage in San Clemente which was the SWEETEST little spot ever. If you’re getting married in San Clemente – look into this adorable place. The photography opportunities were endless… we felt like we were in the Secret Garden!

The ceremony and reception were held at Wedgewood San Clemente. The timing was perfectly orchestrated by their staff, the food was delicious and the company had a blast from start to finish.

Check it out:

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With Love,

Brianna & the Shy Heart Studios Team

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