Shy Heart Studios – At The Retreat

We are SO excited to announce that we have taken on a FOURTH Wedgewood property! We are now one of the preferred photography teams at Wedgewood at The Retreat in Corona.

You may or may not have read the story several months ago about the couple who’s wedding photographer didn’t show up… I blogged about it: “Wedding Nightmare”

I saw a post on Facebook that this couple needed help desperately. Having not known the couple, but feeling so awful for them – I called the person who posted the message asking how I could help. I got the address to the venue, jumped in my car and went to shoot the wedding of these perfect strangers. Little did I know, I was heading to photograph their wedding at Wedgewood at The Retreat. I was so relieved that it was a Wedgewood property because I instantly knew I would be in good hands with their  staff.

About nine months after their wedding we have picked up the preferred spot at three other Wedgewood properties. Just this past weekend while waiting for my clients at an engagement session I got an email from Liz asking if, by chance, we had the man power for a fourth property. I was so excited, not only to be asked this, but that she remembered me from photographing Nia & Noel’s wedding so long ago.

It’s these seemingly small gestures in life that create so much good karma. All I wanted to do was help that couple, I had no idea how much helping them – would help us.

We now have a gallery on our Shy Heart Studios website dedicated to The Retreat – you can see it at – more to come of course!

And here is a repost of Nia & Noel’s wedding to show you how lovely this property is! We can’t wait to start shooting there as often as our other Wedgewood properties!


With Love,

The Shy Heart Studios Team

Brianna, Elaine, Lauren, Cara, Melissa, Laci, Alex, Ariel, Ann & Alexis

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