To blog… or not to blog… EVERYONE.

I don’t really pretend to know what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. I just get excited about some photos and throw them up here and I feel like my line of blogging is NEVER consistent. Sometimes I write about the couple, sometimes I write about what to do and what not to do when planning a wedding… sometimes it’s about my business… I am all over the place and that’s an understatement.

In the last year my business has grown beyond leaps and bounds… so much so that I get so inundated sometimes that I can’t see straight. Just when I feel like I’m catching up on things, I look at my calendar and realize I have 5 engagement sessions, 2 client meetings and a wedding all in one week – oh plus I’m a week a way from a bridal show and have ordered NOTHING for it. Dang.

With all of these things going on at once, I recently realized I haven’t focused on continuing my education. I can ALWAYS be learning as a photographer and I haven’t even thought about watching or purchasing a Creative Live class in almost a year! Whaaaaat? So, I decided to buy a class about the business side of wedding photography and listen to it while I work on my computer.

Something the photographer who is teaching this particular class said was that she had been asked if she blogs about every couple. Her answer was “Yes. Of course. EVERY couple should feel beautiful and worthy of my blog.” And I felt like an instant a-hole. I don’t even come CLOSE  to blogging every couple… I come a LITTLE closer to posting every couple on Facebook but I don’t even do THAT.

So I asked myself why. Let’s be real here… the truth is – I sometimes get RANDOMLY super excited about a particular wedding and have the time to blog about it. That’s it. That’s the truth. There are weekends where I shoot 3 weddings and 2 to 4 engagement sessions, and I send out the wedding edits…  and by the time they all come back I’ve already shot 4 more weddings and I just cannot keep up with my dang blog! Then there’s a weekend where I have 0 weddings (EXTREMELY far and few between, let me tell ya… but I’m not complaining) – and then the next weekend I have 1, and I have the time to snag some photos for the blog before sending it off to my editor.

That is the truth of the matter. I have no rhyme or reason to why I don’t post everyone other than I’m scatter brained. Sometimes my team is shooting, and I’ve never even had a chance to meet the couple, so they don’t get blogged.

None of these excuses are valid though. Everyone should get some Facebook or Blog love. I’d say both… but I’m kidding myself if I think I can catch up on THAT much. So that’s my new goal friends… Facebook and/or blog EVERY couple. Because ALL of my couples are gorgeous and unique and deserve to be shared.

Operation Over-Blog is in full effect. Let’s see if I can keep up.

Check out Janelle & Roy today!! Cara and I had such a great time with this lovely couple and can’t speak enough about how PERFECT their timing was for everything. Ceremony… First look… Romantics. All happened at the most perfect time of day for lighting. We LOVE it when that happens.

For more information about wedding photography at Wedgewood Vellano or any other venue – please visit us at to inquire.

With love,


One Comment on “To blog… or not to blog… EVERYONE.

  1. Love love love the way you are approaching this new challenge! Cant wait to see more blodes posts buddy!


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