Welcome to the Navy.

I know I know I know… I am constantly gushing about our clients… but seriously. I am so fortunate that we have the BEST clients in the world. I don’t know how it happens time and time again, but I’m not going to question it… I’m just going to enjoy it.

Melissa & Erik were no exception… they, along with all of their family members and friends, were an absolute delight. Brandon Ferlin joined me for this lovely wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club as my 2nd photographer and he did not disappoint! We had a great time working with this couple and captured some really lovely images.

I’m usually, quite frankly, terrified of 11am weddings… but this one took that fear away. I’ve done it before, but I am always afraid that I wont be able to work with the lighting.

And then I remember… I’m not a new kid anymore. An obstacle arises… we work around it. No big deal. So I pep talk myself a bit before 11am weddings and march around properties trying to figure out how I can battle the bright hot sun.

If everyone could get married at 5pm this time of year – I’d be in heaven… but I realize more and more – I freaking love a challenge. And let’s face it – everyone cannot check with their photographer when trying to figure out what time to get married. They don’t always have a choice if they have found the venue of their dreams.

But I digress… My point here is this: 11am wedding? No problem. I may even be starting to fall in love with the gorgeous glow of that bright beautiful sun off the ground in front of my subjects…

Take a look…


Did I mention how awesome their reception was? A lot of day time weddings don’t get a lot of dancers on the dance floor… but this group blew that assumption out of the water as well. They danced until the very last minute. They kept us laughing and smiling so much that our faces hurt by the end of the day.

Thanks for allowing us to capture your awesome wedding Melissa & Erik! Best of luck to you in all of your Navy travels!

With love,


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