Super Hero Love.

It’s been a minute since I posted a blog…

Well, a few minutes…

Ok fine. It’s been like 4 months… but wedding season is in full swing already for Shy Heart Studios / Brianna Caster Photography – so get ready to be annoyed at my 10,000 upcoming blog posts. 😀

On to the Super Hero love…

I already gushed a bit about Carlos & Sofia on my Facebook post, but I just love this couple and this wedding so much that I wanted to share it in a blog as well… and probably instagram too. It’s not even just about the images, this couple is just truly special and I want to share them!

Mr. & Mrs. Moreno tied the knot last month in a beautiful ceremony at Wedgewood Upland Hills. Prior to their wedding we did a Mr. & Mrs. Smith style / Black Tie engagement session at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. For both events they were graceful, elegant, sassy and adorable… such easy people to work with from start to finish.

Sofia’s two gorgeous daughters were by her side all day, as was Carlos’s handsome son. It’s heart warming to see a family like theirs who all love each other so much and support each other the way this group does.

When it was time for the party to get started, Sofia changed into a gorgeous white evening gown and the couple performed a spectacular dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. Everything about this Wedgewood Upland Hills wedding had us smiling from ear to ear.

Take a look:


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With love,


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