Shy Heart Studios at Wedgewood Sierra LaVerne!

For months I have been thinking about and planning a mock shoot for Wedgewood Sierra LaVerne with my team. January was a crazy (in a good way) month for me with multiple things in the works. The last week before the shoot I woke up every day thinking about it and getting more and more excited for my whole team to be together for one big shoot.

We had two GORGEOUS couples come out for this event. Caroline & Cole are previous wedding clients. We photographed their big day back in September last year. Elizabeth & Brian were new for us. We heard they had a very tragic situation with their wedding photographer (not us!) and have NO professional photographs of them from their wedding – so we invited them out to have a “d0-over”.

The fabulous team at Floral Sensations came out and set up both reception halls, both ceremony sites, and made gorgeous bridal bouquets for both brides. Everything was absolutely gorgeous as usual.

Our new friend Chelsea from Fuse Hair & Make up came and volunteered to do hair and make up on both of our beautiful models and we could NOT have asked for more from her! She rushed over from another appointment and made our brides look flawless. We asked for a clean sweet up-do for Elizabeth, and a sassy loose curl look for Caroline… and she NAILED it! She even got herself a spot on the preferred vendor list along side Shy Heart Studios & Floral Sensation.

Brian Kadar from Love Is Cinema also came out to meet the Wedgewood team and made an exquisite promotional video for them. He’s also working on a fun little promo for our team that he shot the same day. I can’t wait to be able to share it!

Elaine King, Cara Hudac, Lauren Solorzano, Laci Schwoegler, Alexandra Enriquez, and Melissa Kim all came out and took turns working with each couple – photographing them all over the property at Sierra LaVerne… showcasing not only the property, but their incredible photographic talents. I could honestly not be more thrilled with the outcome of the work. We had so much fun together, feeding off each others energy, one upping each other with directing our couples and getting breath-taking shots… and laughing with and enjoying Caroline & Cole and Elizabeth & Brian all day long.

The BEST part of all of this – can YOU tell that there were 7 different photographers working here? Because I can’t. I can’t even tell who’s shot is who’s… because we are a seamless unity. I am so grateful to my team and everyone who came out. We KILLED it at Wedgewood Sierra LaVerne…. Not to toot our own horn or anything… but come on – Toot toot!

Take a look!


Sorry for the extra long post – but as you can see, it was IMPOSSIBLE to not include any of these images. I’m surpsied I could narrow it down to just these… it was tough…. they’re such beautiful couples and such gorgeous images!

Ok I’m done ranting and raving and bragging…

For more information on wedding photography at Wedgewood Sierra LaVerne please visit us at

With love,

Brianna ❤

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