Shy Heart Studios <3

I am insanely excited about 2015!

2014 surprised the hell out of me. Changes I never expected slapped me right in the face – scaring the wits out of me… I may have even cried a little. I certainly metaphorically fell down the stairs and thought I might have broken every metaphorical bone in my body.

I called my Mom and said through some “poor me” tears, “I might have to get a real job….” – anyone who runs their own business knows those are words we NEVER want to utter. As my constant voice of reason she replied, “Don’t you dare. You can do this. I believe in you. I am not even remotely worried about you.”

I was like “Uh that’s great for you – but I’m worried about me! What do I do!?”

She just said, “You’ll figure it out. I know you will.” At the time I was frustrated because I WANTED her to give me the answers… “Tell me HOW I figure it out though!”

As afraid as I was, deep down I knew she was right. I could do this. It was time to sink or swim… and I am terrified of drowning, so I started swimming for dear life… because I knew what I wanted. I dried my metaphorical tears (and probably some real ones too) and went for it.

By April 2014 I had revamped my website and fired up the old dusty blog once again. I was spending 8 to 10 hours a day on my business and I was excited about it. By June I was still a little concerned, as I had nothing on the books for 2015… zilch…

But then my hard work started to pay off – I started getting some inquiries… and coming from someone who up until this point ONLY booked based off referrals while she was helping build a business for someone else and had put little to NOTHING into her own business for a very long time… this was very exciting.

By the end of the summer I had booked 8 weddings for 2015 and was starting to see the light at the end of the scary dark tunnel I entered in March 2014. I kept building relationships, I kept up with my blog, my website, my facebook, etc… and started more beautiful relationships with all of my AMAZING supporters at Wedgewood.

At the end of 2014 I rebranded my business again launching officially as a Shy Heart Studios, LLC in January 2015. I have begun to build an incredible team of photographers who I am SO proud to work with. Together we are the preferred photographers at THREE amazing Wedgewood properties (Wedgewood Vellano, Wedgewood Upland Hills and Wedgewood Sierra LaVerne), and I know we are going to knock it out of the park this year… In 6 months my business went from 0 weddings to 33 for 2015!! ….. And we plan to book many more!

You can see our new Wedgewood Wedding Photography inspired website at and read about our awesome team in the “Meet US” section.

Take a look at the beautiful faces of Shy Heart Studios! We went out for a fun shoot last week and I thought I’d share some more of my favorites.


For more information about our talented photographers check out the “Meet Us” section on our website at

For more information on our services please inquire at  or call us at 657-221-8882

With love,


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