The Roaring 20’s in 2014… How I LOVE Gatsby!

The moment I met Denise & Stephen I knew they were going to be a fantastic couple to work with… I mean – wait until you see the dimples. They both have smiles that are contagious, and personalities that make you instantly feel like you’re in great company.

I didn’t know until I arrived on the day of their wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club – that it was Gatsby themed! It brought me back to being 5 years old at my Aunt’s 1920’s themed wedding in 1991. I wore a pink flapper dress that matched my sisters and danced all night long. I will forever think of that wedding when I hear the song Love Shack. It was the first time I can remember hearing it, and probably my most vivid memory of that night. Most importantly – I attribute that wedding to the start of my love for all weddings…. so Denise & Stephen’s wedding was kind of a full circle moment for me, which I think is pretty darn cool.

Their wedding was complete with a gorgeous white classic car, a Black Jack table, and a cigar roller on the balcony. It was a very classy affair and I was in love with every detail… especially THAT DRESS!! I must have heard at least 10 people tell Denise that they wanted her dress. It was elegant and sexy and oh so flattering on her.

Enough of the chit chat… check it out!


See what I mean?? Perfection. Another beautiful Wedgeweood Vellano Wedding in the bag!

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One Comment on “The Roaring 20’s in 2014… How I LOVE Gatsby!

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures and a great eye! Brianna, if you end up with a link to all of the other photos so that family/friends can pick out and buy prints, I’d love to get that link. Thanks!


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