“Our marriage started out a bit shakey…” Pun intended.

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of being flown to Napa, California to photograph the wedding of my very dear friends twin sister! This was actually the first time I really got to meet Annie’s twin Jessica.

Annie and I met during our college years and eventually became roommates. She is one of my very dearest friends with a heart of gold, and so much talent that I am constantly in awe of her. So when she asked me to come photograph her sisters wedding, I was truly honored. This wonderful, talented friend of mine, wanted ME in Napa for her sisters wedding. For one thing – like I said, she’s my good friend… for another thing it’s NAPA!! Wine capital of the world! I was in – no questions asked.

I first learned about Jessica many years ago while watching Annie sing her heart out at a little bar in downtown Fullerton. When Annie came down to Southern California for college, Jessica went to Scotland to study veterinary medicine. I had hung out with Annie a few times before this performance, but when she began to sing a song she wrote about her sister – I was brought to tears. I begged her to record this song so that I could send it to my oldest sister who was 3,000 miles away. My Mother and her sisters then also sent a copy to their sister who was thousands of miles away… and to this day it’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I cherish my bond with my sisters, and it’s beautiful when you come across others who have that same bond.

Seeing Annie and Jessica together the weekend of Jessica’s wedding was a true gift to me. While they look nothing alike, and act quite different… it’s so evident that they are connected at the soul.

Their oldest sister Jennifer coordinated the entire wedding to perfection. She took amazing care of her little sister leading all the way up until she walked down the isle, and even after she walked down. The love and laughter exchanged between all three girls was enough to make my cheeks sore from smiling at them all day!

And then there was the adorable English groom, Rob. Jessica and Rob met in Scotland at a movie club. Jessica was tired of not being able to go see any movies with her friends because they were not interested in what she wanted to see… so she joined a club. At the very first movie night Jessica laid eyes on Rob and made it a point to sit next to him. Over the course of the next few movie nights, she continued to sit next to Rob… he shared his candy with her… she got dolled up for him… the crush grew and grew until SHE finally asked him out.

Rob’s family flew to Napa from England for the wedding and everyone got along beautifully. The wedding was small and intimate, but the love was in absolute abundance. Take a look at their story:


After the festivities ended everyone went their separate ways. We were all violently awakened at 3:20am when the 6.0 magnitude earth quake hit Napa. Thankfully no one was injured – but what a way to be welcomed to the states for Rob and his family! With his wonderful sense of humor, when they joined us the next day Rob said, “Well our marriage started off a bit shaky but I think we’ll be alright!”

Gotta love it.

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With love and hope for less earth movement,


One Comment on ““Our marriage started out a bit shakey…” Pun intended.

  1. You are so amazing! I am so honored that you lent your talents to us that evening, and that we experienced the whole thing (earthquake and all!) together.


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