A couple of weeks ago I posted this question on my Facebook page:

If your house was on fire – all of your loved ones and animals were safe – and you had a minute to grab something before you had to get out… what would you grab?

The overwhelming response was “photographs.”

Why? Because photographs = memories… photographs are all we have to remind us of where we have been. Photographs are how we come close to reliving important moments in our lives… without them our memories fade much faster.

Most people will say that their photos are priceless… so if photos are priceless to you – remember that the next time you consider hiring a professional and get their pricing.

In our industry, photographers are often challenged and questioned about their pricing – we’re told “that’s way too expensive” or “I’d never pay that” – in reference to photos of their wedding, or their brand new baby! These are the most exciting moments of your life… these moments are priceless, and you will never get them back. So it’s important to remember that when you’re hiring a photographer. How much are those moments worth to you? Are they priceless to you? If they are – get them captured properly, and find the extra cash to get exactly what you want!

Or think of it this way – how much would you pay to get all of your photographs back if you lost them in a fire? The beauty of a true professional is that they will always have an additional back up of your images.

Last year this adorable couple was married but didn’t have the right photographer, so they wanted to do an anniversary session. I hear wedding horror stories all of the time from people who hired someone who did terrible work and they are devastated when they see their images because they can’t go back and do it over again. The moment is gone and it wasn’t captured with love, talent and artistry… and that is tragic.

Tao found me on Yelp!! Thanks to the lovely reviews from my past clients I popped up in their search for a photographer in Orange County. They told me they looked at 10 other photographers and chose me! Because they didn’t get their big day captured the way they wish they had – we did an anniversary session and got some adorable Mission San Juan Capistrano photos as well as some beautiful portraits at Table Rock Beach in Laguna Beach. I am so glad we were able to do an anniversary photography session for this adorable couple. I really enjoyed working with them. Take a look at some images!

If you or anyone you know had a crummy wedding photography experience and may want to do an anniversary session – please send them my way! For information on any photography sessions please visit

With love and hope for amazing photography for everyone,

Brianna 🙂

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