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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Today’s blog will be another short but sweet one! I am so thankful to be so busy in my business. I am fully focused and am staying busier than I could have imagined so quickly after venturing out on my own… which really is just more solidification that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that everything happens for a reason. I’ve definitely been slacking on my blogging lately… Read More

If you follow me on Facebook you know that last week I had the privilege of flying up to Washington and photographing a wedding in Lakebay. I also got to stay in the family cabin right on the water and enjoy the atmosphere of that magic place all weekend. It was more beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming than I could have ever imagined. The very first night I was there I just couldn’t… Read More

This past Friday I was working from home building an album for a client when I decided to take a short “Facebook Break” – 🙂 At the top of my newsfeed I saw a post from a very talented make up artist that I photographed a few years ago. Her post expressed a very sincere concern for her dear friend who’s wedding photographer did not show up to photograph her big day…. Read More

A couple of weeks ago I posted this question on my Facebook page: If your house was on fire – all of your loved ones and animals were safe – and you had a minute to grab something before you had to get out… what would you grab? The overwhelming response was “photographs.” Why? Because photographs = memories… photographs are all we have to remind us of where we have been. Photographs… Read More