I’ve been wanting to write this blog for soooo long! I finally sat down and dug through all of my hard drives to find photos from EVERY session I’ve done with the Croft family. I am, however, missing one awesome session which totally bums me out.

In my naive stage of starting my photography business I only backed up my images in ONE location… an external hard drive. Unfortunately I lost most of my images from 2012 when that hard drive crashed and was unrecoverable. To any beginning photographers out there – DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!! ALWAYS ALWAYS — A.L.W.A.Y.S. have at least two forms of back up. I suggest an external hard drive and an online cloud. Lesson brutally learned on my part. I was happy, however to realize I only lost one Croft session in that mess and was still able to pull images from all of the other sessions.

I decided to put this blog together because this is the first family who asked me to do a pregnancy session. Since our first session together I have been able to watch their family grow and capture it along the way. It is so unbelievable humbling to have a family who continues to come back to me for their photography time and time again. It’s also beyond humbling to look back at my work with this family over the past 3 to 4 years! I was able to add some new retouches to some of these images to improve them… but I’ll be honest, it’s awesome and embarrassing to see the evolution of my work! And just makes my heart tickle to see the evolution of this family and be the one who has captured it all.

We’re all human – I had to learn some how. Valerie and Brandon have been such amazing supporters of my business, and I am truly thankful to be able to call them clients and friends. I just adore this sweet family!

Take a look at the evolution of this family – and for you photographers out there who may be starting out… enjoy the laughable evolution of my work too!


For more information on any type of session or to see more work – please visit http://www.BriannaCaster.com

With love and hope,


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