Family Ties

Family portrait sessions are something I don’t do a ton of but definitely want to expand more into. I get a hand full of repeat clients every year, and some of those families come to me a few times throughout the year. I also get steady family portrait referrals but when compared to how often I photograph engagement sessions and weddings, it’s certainly less frequent.

Last “winter” (I put winter in quotes because… it didn’t exist this past year) I got a call from one of my mother’s many cousins, asking me to photograph their whole family on Christmas Eve. Like our family, everyone gets together on Christmas Eve for dinner. I didn’t know they did this, but being there was like seeing my own family in a parallel universe…. And I have to say, there are not a lot of things that anyone can get me to do on Christmas Eve except be with my family. It’s my favorite day of the year because almost everyone comes home and that’s so rare. So for one night a year almost all of my 20 some odd cousins, the spouses of those who are married, the kids of those who have kids, plus our 8 aunts and uncles who are all married or coupled off, and a few close family friends all get together and eat food and drink wine and talk and laugh under the same roof. This typically totals around 50 to 60 people in attendance… and I love every minute of the chaos.

Because it is my favorite day of the year – I would never take a job that takes time away from it. However, this session was perfectly convenient in two ways – 1. It was before my scheduled dinner time, and 2. It was more of my own family; many of whom I hadn’t seen in years. Walking into the house where I met up with them sounded just like walking into my cousins house where we have Christmas Eve dinner every year. We went over to a park near by and took some great photos of each individual family, as well as the generations and other fun groupings.

Maybe I’ll try to convince my massive family to do this next year! ………….. Maybe.

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