Shoes – shoes – SHOES!

When I arrived to start photographing the lovely Breanne – or future Mrs. Goodman, I was greeted by all of her wonderful bridesmaids with such bright smiles and warm friendliness. I always have a good time when I photograph weddings, but it’s so sweet when I can tell how truly loved a Bride is by her girls. Truth be told – anyone who is married or has been in a bridal party before knows this – it’s not always rainbows and butterflies with your bridal party… so when I arrived and saw how sweet these girls were to Breanne and how wonderfully welcoming they were to me, I knew I was working with fabulous people.

I had met Breanne and her (now) husband Kyle a few months prior to their wedding when I photographed their engagement session. I really enjoyed working with them and had a lot of correspondence with Breanne after that. I already knew this couple was going to go down in my books as one of my favorites – but that was solidified with the people they were surrounded by. Who you surround yourself with is a true testament to who YOU are inside and out. As if it wasn’t clear already – I ADORE this couple.

Breanne’s details from her shoes to her hair were perfect…. and I’m a shoe girl – what can I say? I just love them… and I really love it when my Brides go all out with the details! You don’t have to have the biggest most lavish elements for your wedding to be perfect – you just have to have what YOU want, and what makes it perfect in your eyes. Spend the money on the elements that are most important to you. Maybe that’s your dress, maybe it’s your food, or maybe…. just maybe… it’s your photographer.  What’s truly important on your big day is not going to be the same as what is important on your best friends big day – and that is just fine. My advice to every bride is this: do not skimp on the elements that are the MOST important to you, whatever they may be. Skimp in the areas that you don’t care that much about, and put your money into the things that you truly love and should not be compromised.

Breanne’s personal details were so beautiful and really embodied about her personality. Even her bridesmaids said, “Those shoes are SO Breanne…” – – I think that’s very important at a wedding. What in your wedding is uniquely you? Everyone adds a detail for Mom, or because its “tradition” – but I find that the best weddings are those who have elements that just scream the brides name, or scream the grooms name. When planning yours, figure out what that is and let it shine.

Breanne & Kyle had their beauitful sunflower wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club. Check it out!

I headed out that evening after the cake cutting and saw a classic car waiting for the couple. My time was technically up – but I wanted to capture their grand exit… I realized I didn’t have enough lighting equipment and decided to call it a night. About half way through my 30 minute drive home, I thought “car headlights!” I turned around and went back to Vellano Country Club and ran upstairs to tell the couple that I wanted to capture their exit. The bride was ecstatic. I pulled my car up and turned on my head lights, had a guest do the same with their car, AND used my hand held light to get those night shots. So worth the turn around and the extra time to make this wonderful couple so happy! I love what I do!!

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  1. stunning work m’lady! x


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