Whatever you do – DON’T say “Cheese” – – it’s cheesey.

So I have been posting a lot of engagement sessions and weddings on my blog but haven’t posted much of anything else. Today I am going to focus on portrait sessions. I really love photographing people together and the love between a couple or in a family…  but there is so much to be said for capturing the essence of one person… solo.

Whether it’s a senior portrait session, or head shots for promotional purposes – I LOVE photographing people who love being photographed. My job is fun pretty much all of the time – but it’s really fun when my clients can get into it. Adding stylish outfits, hats, props, or overall themes to your session will only enhance it.

Listen – I get it… being photographed can be totally nerve wracking. Personally – I hate being photographed… so I really do get it. But if you need to be photographed for any reason, and you’re nervous – TELL your photographer BEFORE your session. This can ease a lot of the stress when it comes to picking an outfit or worrying about how you will look. Share your insecurities and your fears so that your photographer can be aware. If you have a talented photographer, they will know how to position you and adjust you so that you look fabulous and those insecurities virtually vanish. If your photographer brushes off the insecurities, or doesn’t acknowledge your concerns…. FIND ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER! Did you get that?? Loud and clear?? Just in case – I will repeat it – if your photographer does not acknowledge your concerns or insecurities FIRE THEM! HIRE SOMEONE ELSE! There is nothing more important in a photo session than being comfortable and feeling safe and respected…. and how about having a little fun?? If you’re uncomfortable, you wont have fun and if your photographer sucks – you’ll LOOK uncomfortable in your photos. Choosing the right photographer is so important.

Dare I say it – – don’t go cheap when booking your photographer. It is worth every penny to work with someone who loves what they do, who is GREAT at what they do, and who makes YOU feel fantastic. When you go cheap – you get what you pay for…… don’t forget it folks.

And….. smile… don’t say cheese. It’s dumb. No on looks cute when they say cheese unless they are under the age of 10. Practice in the mirror if you have to – don’t be ashamed! Just… smile 🙂

Here is a medley of portraits for your viewing pleasure:

For information on portrait sessions or to see more work – please visit http://www.BriannaCaster.com

With love and smiles,


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