Bloggers block.

Ok – so I fell off the blogging wagon last week. This week I have been determined to get back on. Monday was crazy so I said, “I’ll write Tuesday.” Tuesday was even crazier than Monday so I figured, “I’ll write Wednesday…” This morning I woke up as sick as a dog, and have been trying to sleep it off considering I probably got a total of one hour of sleep last night. I tossed and turned with body aches, chills and sweats – so I am a total wreck today. But I just rolled myself off the couch, took a shower and decided – sick or not, the one thing I must do is BLOG!!!

So here I am… back in my pajamas sitting in front of my computer with………………………………… writers block, or bloggers block?…..whatever…………………………………………..

Being sick does not help the creative brain – AT ALL.

To catch you up – last week was nuts in the best way possible. I was so busy every day I literally could not find time to blog. Not finding time to blog was a bad thing – but being so busy I could barely keep up was awesome. I photographed every day for 7 days straight. One of those shoots was a brand new client – which is always exciting of course. I photographed a beautiful pregnancy shoot, college graduation portraits, 6 month portraits, a wedding, and about 13 brand new precious baby’s at Mission Hospital. Business is moving and it sure is exciting.

My brain has had just about enough – I can’t really think of much else to say here except… check out these photographs! This is my dear sweet loving older sister and her (now) husband. I photographed their engagement session right out side Wedgewood at Vellano Country Club where they were getting married. The drive up to this gorgeous club is so beautiful, that we figured we’d do their engagement session there. It was a little risky considering we were literally photographing on the side of a windy road – but we had a great time and I am still in love with these photos!

Melissa & Jin had their wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club this past January and it was perfect. As her maid of honor, I obviously did not photograph her wedding – but I am glad I got to photograph her engagement session and stand by her side as she married her best friend. (best friend next to me of course…. duh…)

For more information on wedding photography, family portraits, senior portraits…. or any kind of photography – please visit

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