“Enjoy the ride… and KNOW it will be a good one.” – JG

When speaking with a good friend yesterday about the place we are at in our lives we both talked about our concerns and fears. We are both building our businesses and that can be really scarey when you don’t have a cushion to land on if things don’t take off right away. We used the phrase “It’s time to put on our big girl pants” several times… and the term “war story” was used as well. Because times are a little scarey for us both financially… When that term was used I may have gotten a little overly cheese ball and said “Don’t say war story – it’s not a war story – it’s a success story!” I’m finding myself enthralled in positivity lately and when I start to doubt myself a little – I turn it around and remind myself I am on a serious ride right now and I need to trust that this is the ride I am supposed to be on… and that it’s going to be good.

This week I’ve decided to really get back into the mind of a student. For the last couple of years I have been so busy with so many different projects and in addition to that – with trying to make ends meet… that I haven’t focused at all on continuing my education. While I don’t have any plans of going back for my MFA – I never want to stop learning. A wise and wonderful professor I studied under once said, “The day you think you don’t need to learn anymore is the day you stop being an artist.” That quote has stuck with me for years. I think there are seasons in our lives for everything and this is my next season of education.

The reality is that life gets crazy sometimes and we lose sight of what we want. What matters is that we find our way back to it. Life got crazy for me for a while so I wasn’t finding time to continue my education and learn from others in the business – but now I am back to that and loving it! I have spent the last two days listening to Jim Garner on Creative Live teach about creating art in your wedding photography and about how to grow your business. It’s been inspiring and enlightening… and I’ve been able to do it right here at home while editing. During his class, in reference to building your business Jim said, “Enjoy the ride… and KNOW it will be a good one.” I smiled at that because – sometimes you just have to trust yourself.

The friend I referenced above is also engaged to be married and talked about how people don’t tell you that when you get engaged you really have to start asking the hard questions. You are looking the rest of your life straight in the face when you get engaged and whether you like it or not, you start asking yourself the hard questions. Is this truly what I want forever? Marriage is hard!! Life is hard… but when you listen to your heart you just know. So ask those questions and get those answers – it’s ok. Again, it comes back to trust and faith in knowing that you are on the right ride… enjoy it and KNOW it will be good. It will not always be easy… but it will be good.

Enough  blabber for today – below are some images I took at a Wedgewood Vellano Country Club wedding. This couple was beautiful! They chose not to see each other before the ceremony but got married during daylight savings causing a litlte concern for me with their Romantics segment. Thankfully I have an AMAZING light (Frezzi mini-fill) that really saved the images. I am not a fan of flash – I don’t think it could ever produce this kind of romance:

The beautiful floral was created by Floral Sensation. I love photographing weddings at Wedgewood Vellano! Such a gorgeous property.

Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for allowing me to capture your day!

For more wedding images or info on services please visit: http://www.BriannaCaster.com

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