The Rewards of Volunteering

In general, it’s sometimes challenging to give up your free time to volunteer – but every time I do it, I find that I get more out of it than I give. And sometimes, especially when you’re building a business – you have to show up and just do things to help circulate your name.

Last week I volunteered to photograph an event at the Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton. I’ve never been to The Muck before and as part of my attempts to build my business I’ve offered to photograph things for others in my industry. I passed out a lot of business cards and met a lot of great people at this event – and by the end of it, my face hurt from smiling so much!

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center put on a 1920’s themed Speakeasy event and it was incredible! From alcohol protestors out front, to RX alcohol prescriptions, to live jazz, Black Jack tables and even a raid by the police – I could not wipe the smile off my face. It was pure entertainment from start to finish. Check it out!


Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6372 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6367

Everyone was very into character!


What’s the password please?

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6471 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6475 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-0224

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6693 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6490

They thought of everything…

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6444 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-0209


Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6649 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6708

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6766 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-0098


Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6673 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6657

The police were – of course – bought off with a suit case full of  cash and a couple of drinksl. Hilarious!

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6716 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6720

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-0216 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-0179

Looks like the Doc is a little confused… maybe he wrote himself one too many prescriptions.

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6761 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6743 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6742

The costumes were fantastic all the way around.


We took advantage of the gorgeous light and pulled some people out for some dusk photos out in front of the Muckenthaler Masion…

Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6566 Muckenthaler-Mansion-Wedding-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6562

And finally – the group responsible for the event:


What an awesome evening. I can’t wait to photograph another Muck event!


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