Love is in the air <3

When thinking about this post today, a lot of ideas came to mind. The one that stuck out the most was love – so lets talk about love!

If you google search the word love – Wikipedia gives you this definition: Love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals.

While I find that interesting – what I found even more interesting was that the 5th result down was from “Wiki How To” with 37 tips on HOW to love. How do you not read that? It’s an interesting read… I was going to just post the top 15, but as I kept reading – I just couldn’t stop!

1. Accept your past

2. Get rid of the list (we all know what this means!)

3. Reconsider your priorities

4. Open yourself to new possibilities

5. Love yourself! (… so simple, yet so hard for some)

6. Have something to offer others

7. Be vulnerable (no one wants to… but it IS important)

8. Give it time

9. Respect everyone

10. Take people for who they are (powerful!)

11. Focus on the positives (love it!)

12. Embrace the negatives (……… hmmm)

13. Communicate clearly and often

14. Forgive when you’re wronged, forgive when you’re wrong

15. Constantly make yourself and those you love better people

16. Be a good friend

17. Talk through your problems

18. Eliminate jealousy

19. Try to see issues from all sides (this one is easier for outsiders, clearly)

20. Count your blessings

21. Learn your lessons

22. Be partners in life

23. Learn when to stop being involved (this one’s hard for the ladies…)

24. Find their true beauty

25. Never, ever manipulate someone (if everyone could live by this rule in life, there would be far more peace in the world…)

26. Don’t expect perfection

27. Be selfish sometimes (really? that’s ok? …cool?)

28. Never stop putting in effort

29. Don’t bring outside problems into your relationship (vent about it, talk about it, but don’t let it cause harm to your relationship)

30. Don’t let things get stagnate (change it up!)

31. Focus on the important things

32. Remember that everyone is equal

33. Understand that there is more than one person for you (whoa… that’s controversial…)

34. Break out of the predefined roles (… but only sometimes right?)

35. Know when to cut and run (this relates to ANY relationship, love, friend, or business*)

36. Rescue yourself

37. Make your happily ever after (<3 ❤ <3)

To read in more detail check it out at:

I would LOVE to get your opinions on  your favorite from this list?? Can you even pick just one? Talk to me!

When you do find “The One” you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with – it’s a beautiful thing. And I think we could all try to live by at least HALF of those rules above… the divorce rate might not be so high. Marriage is hard. Love is hard… but when you do find the one, and you fit perfectly imperfectly – you get this:


(To see any of these images larger, click on them!)

Jacqueline & Adrian are getting married next month!! I photographed their engagement session in Laguna Beach – off in the canyon trails. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at Mission Viejo Country Club!

Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Brianna-Caster-Photography-2 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Brianna-Caster-Photography-6

I am a dog lover through and through and this adorable Rot named Raider made the perfect addition to their engagement session.

Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Brianna-Caster-Photography-4 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Brianna-Caster-Photography-3 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Brianna-Caster-Photography-7

Isn’t nature beautiful? Laguna Canyon makes such an amazing backdrop for photography!



Love love LOVE this couple…. and Raider too! Congratulations on your engagement Jacqueline & Adrian! I am thrilled to be “the one” who gets to capture your beautiful Mission Viejo Country Club wedding! (Pun intended… cheesy right?)

With endless love & hope,


2 Comments on “Love is in the air <3

  1. love love love this! #2 made me laugh (as it would any woman <—- yes ANY!), #4 is like, talking directly to me (although not pertaining to my relationship), and when #22 came so easy (effortlessly… like we had discussed a game plan ahead of time and yelled "break!") I knew he was "the one" ❤


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