Family Portraits on the Beach!

There is something SO “Orange County” about having your family portraits taken on the beach. Some families do it year after year… always on the beach… My guess is, they just want to make sure all of their out of state friends and family don’t forget that they live in perfect whether, by the ocean, all year long…. 🙂 

This particular Newport Beach family had just moved to Southern California – so how could they not have their first family portrait session on the beach?! While Newport Beach is gorgeous, peaceful, and all of the things you want the beach life to be – photographically, it just doesn’t compare, in my opinion, to Laguna Beach. So anytime a family comes to me and wants to have their family portraits on the beach, I always suggest Laguna. The rock formations are iconic and the opportunities are endless for gorgeous photography.


Nothing beats the cuteness of a kid missing their front teeth. I love it!


Mama love.


For more information on Orange County Family Portraits – call me! 🙂

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