Ground Zero.

So I’m back! It’s been over one year since my last blog. I’ve been terrible at this! So much has happened over the last year and I’ve made a promise to myself to start blogging at least twice a week. This year I will be blogging about all of my experience throughout 2013 up until my 28th birthday which was just last weekend and catching you up to speed on the work I did last year. I will also be documenting the course of action I am taking this year to build my business.

As 27 came to a close I thought “Man that was a good year! But 28 has more in store for me. I can feel it.” What I didn’t realize, was how right I was about that and how quickly it would all become known. For the last year and a half I had been working three businesses. I put all of my time and effort into two of the three… which were not fully my own. After much discussion and soul searching by both my business partner and myself we both decided to move in different directions… directions that we felt were where our hearts were individually and would ultimately be better  for each of us.

The third business, and the business I put the least effort into, was my own Brianna Caster Photography. I managed my referrals and served my clients all year long, but did not put any effort into expanding or growing it due to how much time and effort I had to put into the other two businesses. I am disappointed in myself for having let the most important of the three take a back seat because now it is all I have left. So many lessons learned.

So I’m left now with a lot of decisions to make about where to go from here. My truest passion is still, and has always been, my photography. I feel a huge sense of excitement about really growing MY business. I also have a pretty big sense of fear because I am starting at Ground Zero. Having only worked based on referral business it is really time to start optimizing my website and becoming the photographer I know I am and running the business I have always dreamed of running.

I plan to use this blog to document the growth of my business. Starting at the bottom I will be sharing with you all, what my marketing plans are and each step I am taking. I look forward to suggestions, comments, and advice on how to build it as this is fairly new territory for me. With the help of my friends, family and hopefully my blog followers – I will be able to succeed. I’m strapping on my big girl boots and I’m ready to take on the photography world full force with no other distractions. It’s time to really build a business.

2 responses to “Ground Zero.”

  1. You’re going to do amazing. I believe in you.


  2. This blog is GREAT!!! You’ve definitely got a follower in me!!
    ~ susan


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