While I could blog about amazing women and being a woman the entire month of March… (and beyond) I fear it would get my blog off track and down the rabbit hole of talking politics and human rights and all of those things which present a lot of dilemma’s in my head… and I’ll be honest, I have enough daily dilemma’s in my head. That and – I’m a photographer, not an activist… although sometimes I want to be an activist… but that’s a hill I’ll consider climbing if and when I’ve conquered all of my photography goals. Until then I’ll leave it to the pro’s, I’ll donate to the causes, and I’ll cheer them on and support them in the way that I can!

For now it’s onto other topics. What topic, you might ask? I don’t know guys. I’m stumped this week. It’s been a super overwhelmingly busy two weeks for me!

My amazing daily office manager (and cousin- Stacey) has left me for a full-time job… and while I’m super happy that she found what she needed, I cry myself to sleep every night because I miss her help equally as much as I miss her company. Ok I’m not really crying myself to sleep EVERY night… I just wrote that for dramatic effect. But I’ve come close, I’ll tell you that much. Also, my dear mother, who manages two of our properties lead lists and booking is playing hooky. She’s off galavanting across Europe, while I sit here drowning in emails, text messages, phone calls, studio meetings, shooting engagements, and weddings, doing edits and training people to take over Stacey’s tasks, AND keeping up with the potential clients she’s been talking to. Doesn’t quite seem fair, does it? I WANT TO GALAVANT ACROSS EUROPE!!!! Who said she could go on vacation without me anyway?

So I’m doing the job of 3 people…. which is cool. But that’s why I don’t have a super fun and interesting topic to share with you this week. I’ve been too busy feeling sorry for myself and screaming for help… and then slapping myself across the face (literally AND figuratively) for being whiney crap-head, and reminding myself how effing cool my job is… I’m a freaking WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! And that BUSY IS GOOD!!! I’d rather be overly busy, than have no work at all. So suck it up buttercup…. and post a gosh-dang blog already!!!

*Insert giant smile and crazy eyes*

Speaking of doing what I love… check out this adorable wedding I photographed. I really loved everything about working with Amanda & Brandan from their engagement through their wedding… They were so kind, and sweet to each other and to us, and everyone around them. They are good people to their core – and look how sweet they are together:


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Thanks Friends!



Guess what DAY. IT. IS!!! Nope. It’s not hump day… (If you don’t get that reference then I’m sorry…)

It’s International Women’s Day! Damn I love March. There is so much celebration for the women of the world this month – so I’m embracing it.

I want to talk… or type I guess… today about the women in our lives. The strong forces that keep us going… that stand by our side during our biggest triumphs, and are lowest of lows… the women who hold our hair back when we’re praying to the porcelain gods… the women who cheer us on when we accomplish great things… who help us kick doors in when it’s necessary… who help calm us down when kicking doors in ISN’T necessary… who always have extra tampons or excedrine on hand… who show up with a big ol’ bucket of ice cream and a box of tissues when we need it… who FIGHT FOR US when we can’t  fight for ourselves… who fight along side us when we are READY to fight like hell for ourselves… Those who MARCH against injustice… Who scream at the top of their lungs for equality for all… The LOUD women… The quiet women… The women WE need to fight for… The women who can’t speak up… The women who need encouragement… and the women who encourage…

Our friends, our sisters, our Mothers. If anyone has EVER told you that you didn’t need anyone else… if anyone has ever told you that they should be all you need in this world… They are wrong. We need people. We need friends. We need other women. I’m the first to admit that I probably can’t go a single day without talking to my Mom or my sister. I NEED them, and it’s ok to NEED people. It’s human nature. We are all stronger when we stand together.

I pulled some of my favorite photos of the sisters and “sisters” I’ve photographed at weddings… and I pulled a few of my own from my wedding, captured by Brandon Chesbro.

Celebrate the women in your lives today and every day! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAAAAAYYYYY!!! Let’s here it for the Ladies!


Go out and thank an amazing woman in your life today!

K Bye. I love you.


Preach Kesha, PREACH!!! My FRIENDS!! It is MARCH 1ST! Do you know what that means?

It is officially National Women’s History Month!!!!! YEEEAAAASSSSSS! This is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s also my month of birth, and the older I get the more proud I am that I get to share my birth month with the celebration of Women’s History.

All right – time for some real talk. The world is crazy right now. It’s crazy for everyone… for Immigrants, African-American’s, and women especially. Every time I turn on the TV (which I avoid a lot lately) I hear of another shooting, another injustice against people of color (and I’m talking just about all colors), or another political figure or movie star / musician / television star being accused of sexual misconduct. It is a CRAZY time… but it’s a time of change. It’s a time of #enough and more than ever, people are speaking out against these injustices and I think that is POWERFUL.

While I celebrate ALL who are speaking out; this month in particular, we celebrate Women…. So in case you haven’t already realized – this blog today is going to be about being, in the words of Kesha, “A mother fuckin’ woman!”

The younger version of me thought there was nothing left for women to fight for. I thought, naively, that things were even. I didn’t feel oppressed by men. I didn’t feel that life was unfair for women in any way because I wasn’t experiencing it. I was raised by parents who, let’s be honest, wanted me to be a doctor for goodness sake. I was raised in a family where ALL OF THE WOMEN are the bread winners. Literally ALL of them. How rare and cool is that?

When I got into wedding photography I assumed, like most of you might assume, that it would be a female dominated industry. I was VERY wrong. Even my industry is dominated by men… Is anyone shocked to hear that?

There’s a convention every year in Las Vegas called WPPI or Wedding & Portrait Photography International. Photographers from all over the world come to this convention. I’m always surprised at how many of the speakers are men. So this year I decided to count. 60% of the speakers at this convention for 2018 are men. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – but it sends me on a tailspin of “why?”

Most of my biggest wedding photography competitors in Orange County are men. Why is that? This thought forced me to dig pretty deep and ask myself some hard questions. Why do I feel so intimidated by male wedding photographers as competitors? Sometimes I look at their portfolios, and listen, I know I’m not the best out there; but I’m LIGHTYEARS beyond the worst out there. I look at some of these competitors and I see their prices DOUBLE mine, but their work and talent doesn’t. Some of them I can gladly admit, are far better than I am; but not all of them. Several of the male photographers I research are talented but it’s not like they shoot liquid gold out of their asses, so why can they charge double what I charge? Better yet, why can’t I charge that much? The answer is….




I am fortunate to be my own boss, which means I am the only person who dictates what I charge, what I am worth, and what I get paid. Which means I am the only one holding me back from charging what they charge. And where does that come from? It comes from confidence, or lack thereof. It’s my opinion that in general, many men exude a confidence that many women do not. I certainly do not exude the same confidence that a lot of my competitors exude and the only reason I can come up with is…




Fear of what? I have a fear of not booking another client if my prices are too high. I have a fear of not being able to pay the bills because I’m not booking enough clients. I have a fear that I’m not strong or powerful enough to demand that pricing or that clientele. And do you want to know what doesn’t help?


Social media.


Literally every time I lose a follower on Instagram I feel sad. I feel sad when I don’t break 100 likes on a post. I feel sad when I can’t get my following over a certain number. I CANNOT FIGURE OUT what these people with 5k, 10k, 20k, 100k, 1M followers are doing that I’m not. I take the classes, I follow the rules, I learn the algorithm changes…. But I can’t win, and it beats down my ego. I’ve been told I should teach. I’ve been told I should speak…. But if I can’t get more than 50 likes on average on my Instagram posts, and can RARELY get people to actually engage and comment on my posts (other than my friends and fam – THANK YOU btw for engaging) who wants to hear from ME? I’m nobody.

How ridiculous is that!?!? I feel like a moron even typing it. Why does my business-self worth rely on what Instagrammers think? Well because that’s how the market is ruled right now. Everyone. Is. On. Instagram. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true – couples are looking at your IG probably more than your website before they call you. And it is such a powerful tool that they have to constantly change up the algorithm to screw with us all because we figure out a trick that works to get attention and likes, and we get too many and it gets out of control – and they have to come up with some other rule to limit us.

Do you want to know what else doesn’t help?


Mean Girls.


There are a lot of mean girls in this world and I think that’s the saddest truth in all of it. We are in a time where women need to stand together, support other women, reach out a hand to another struggling female in your life and ENCOURAGE her. I don’t care if she’s your competition. No one gets to the top alone… and beating other people down along the way only makes you a crappy person and gives you bad karma. So be nice!! Kindness gets you everywhere. Now more than ever we need to build each other up and help each other succeed; not tear each other down. Hoe’s before bro’s, am I right? Haha JUST KIDDING! That’s probably one of the most sexist things I could say in a blog about empowering women. I’m the worst.

I have one more point to make and then I swear I will wrap up this (so far) three page blog post / rant. I feel that this is my most important point, so if you have read this far – hang in there with me…. Because I believe that THIS is how we need to begin to shape future generations.




Does anyone remember that incredibly powerful Always commercial about what it’s like to be a girl? If you haven’t, please get a tissue then open a new tab, go to youtube and type in, “Always girl commercial” and watch it. I’ll wait… go head. Even if you have seen it – go watch it again.

Moving isn’t it? Think, for a moment about how often you use phrases like this? I have been guilty of it myself. I grew up with two older sisters, two younger brothers, and was very often around one of my cousin sets of 4 boys. So it was often my sister Melissa and I against 6 boys playing basketball, video games, baseball, whatever it was that we were doing. I was constantly told that when I punched my cousin (which I did a lot) in the arm it didn’t hurt because I hit like a girl. And I KNOW they were not literally trying to destroy my self-esteem as a female. I KNOW they loved me and still love me dearly; we are all very close to this day. They weren’t the only people I heard those words from either. I have heard them from my own mouth.

“Whatever. You hit like a girl.”

“Don’t be such a p*ssy.”

“Don’t act like a b*tch.”

“Don’t be such a GIRL about it.”

Friends…. It has been engrained in us from the time we could speak that women are weak. Men do it to us, we do it to each other, and we do it to ourselves. And it all seems like harmless teasing doesn’t it? I don’t feel anger or resentment toward anyone for saying those things to me. Certainly in the moment I didn’t. I laughed it off. But now I realize that my FEAR…. My lack of confidence as a female entrepreneur, my struggle to find my place in my industry and make a name for myself… It’s all a product of society and the way we beat down women emotionally often without even realizing we do it.

So I have personally vowed to stop using those words or phrases no matter what. I don’t ever want my beautiful niece Adalynn to lose her spunk and zest for life. I watch that three-year-old little girl run around with her best friend Mason NEVER feeling for a second that she can’t do everything he does. I watch her kick a soccer ball with all her might, fall on her little booty and get right back up and keep going NEVER losing a shred of her confidence. And it tears me up inside to think that someday people will try to break her spirit. All we can do as her family, is try to foster such a strong sense of self-worth, that by the time people try to break her spirit, its titanium.

We all deserve to be PROUD to be women. We are strong, resilient, badass humans and we need to own it and TEACH it.

Ok. That’s all folks. I love you. Be kind. Thank you for reading and….

Happy National Women’s History Month!

02_26_18 Portraits BS-39



Portraits by Jennifer McNeil.


I totally missed my blog opportunity last week. Did anyone notice? Did you miss me? A little? Well – I’m back! You’re welcome.

So you know how the saying goes Right? “Jack of all trades, and master of none.” That was hard for me to muster when I was beginning my photography career because I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING. I didn’t want to turn any work away, I wanted to say YES to everyone.

But as I got further into my business and had the words, “pick ONE specialty” ringing in my ears all of the time I realized I really should. I am a photographer…. but my specialty is weddings. So when people ask me what I do, I tell them that I’m a wedding photographer. That doesn’t mean I can’t also photograph other life events though… and if it did, I’d break the rules… Because what I love MOST about being a photographer is capturing people in their greatest moments and telling their love stories. Love stories don’t end on the wedding day…. they carry on for the rest of their lives. The wedding day is just the beginning, and when I build strong relationships with my clients, it is an honor that they come back and ask me to photograph their next milestones.

So how do I find the middle ground? I don’t advertise as anything other than a wedding photographer. The majority of what I post and share are engagements and weddings. (Share what you want to sell, right?) I don’t seek out new clients to capture their maternities, newborns, etc etc. In fact I refer those out. However, I will often take on my past clients, and OF COURSE my personal family and friends.

No, I am not a maternity photographer. I am not a newborn photographer. But if you REALLY love me (like really really), and want me to capture these milestones… I am HONORED to. I am a wedding photographer who often gets blessed to continue capturing my clients love stories long after their wedding day.

Nikki & Trevor are dear friends of mine. I captured their engagement, their wedding, and now their maternity as they get ready to welcome their son into the world. Knowing it means as much to them as it does to me to have ME continue to capture their story – is why I often do it all.

Check out this sweet session:


I cannot wait to meet their precious baby boy!! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Porter!

For more information on engagement and wedding photography, visit my website and drop me a line:

And if you want a great referral for a REAL maternity & newborn photographer – I am happy to refer you!

East meets West

January was a whirlwind of a month for me. It started out nice and calm and mellow… and then BAM! Wedding season is already upon us. I know, it’s only February – but as a team we have 11 weddings this month! That’s compared to just three in January, and four in December. So you get the point.

In the middle of the month I took a girls weekend to Joshua Tree (as you saw if you read my blog regularly), then I had a week full of engagement sessions and meetings and was off to Costa Rica for a week. When I came back from Costa Rica, just 4 days later I was off to photograph a wedding in Palm Springs… well… more accurately, La Quinta which is outside of Palm Springs.

I’m back now and I am trying to really focus on the marketing game this year… Which I also said last year, and I did! But one year is not enough for getting a strong marketing game. It’s an on going project that I will probably always be working on. If I knew what I know now when I was in college, I would have minored in Marketing. Although – maybe that wouldn’t have mattered a whole lot since the marketing world with Instagram, Facebook and blogging is SO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT all of the time. Rules are always changing… so maybe it wouldn’t have helped all that much. Anyway, I digress…

Palm Springs. La Quinta… both areas I love love LOVE. This wedding held a lot of firsts for me! It was my first wedding of 2018, my first wedding in La Quinta, AND my first Persian wedding!!! I’ve photographed weddings with Persian elements but never a full Persian ceremony! Add to all of that, the bride is a dear friend of mine from my volunteer days at Camp to Belong Orange County. Pantea has a heart the size of Texas, she really does… and she has a spirit, and gentleness about her that matches. Not only that, but she is a badass boss babe! Fairly recently, she moved to the desert from the mountains of Big Bear and opened her own Law firm!! My girl is KILLING IT!!!! Opened a law firm and snagged a husband who is just as impressive as she is. Derakhsh has his own OBGYN practice. Yep. Say it with me friends, “POWER COUPLE!!!” They both smile non-stop in each others presence, and make everyone feel like family. They are a beautiful match for one another and I am so very happy for my sweet friend. Take a look at just a few highlights from their beautiful wedding at La Quinta Country Club:


Special shout out to Alexandra & Stacey for shooting and assisting all day and taking over at the reception so that I could be a guest and enjoy this awesome party. And of course to Pantea & Derakhsh for asking me to photograph your wedding AND enjoy as your guest. Much love to you both and best wishes for an amazing future together.

For more information about wedding photography anywhere in the world – reach out to me! Say hello… follow me on instagram @briannacaster or visit my website and drop me a line at


Venue – La Quinta Country Club

Photography – us, of course… Brianna Caster & Co. Photographers

Videography – Amber Exposure

Floral – Jenson’s (Mary Cass)

Planning – Celebrations of Joy

Rentals – Signature Party Rentals & BBJ Rentals

The beautiful table for the Persian Ceremony was put together, and all treats were made  by Pantea’s mother Poury Ilbeigi


Alright – well… this one is going to be short and sweet. Why? Because for 1 thing, my niece and nephew will be here ANY minute… and for another thing – I already had this post written and ready to go until I started uploading images. I was alerted again that I’m out of space and need to upgrade my wordpress blog storage… Just to be safe I copied the text I had written and then went to (begrudgingly) upgrade… which apparently didn’t matter because it didn’t copy and I lost the whole blog.

I’ll just recap for you – it was about how “full force” business is now and how much I love being so busy again. We had a pretty slow December and a mellow January but as we are now in the heat (literally and figuratively) of wedding booking season, engagement sessions are happening, we’ve already had about 5 weddings in January which is a low number… but we’re heading in to February with 12 on the books. So we are ON! AND I LOVE IT!! After about 10 months straight of this I’m ready for that holiday break… and that holiday break ends just went I’m ready to run around like crazy again. I think I really did find the perfect career for myself!

Ok onto a wedding I really love from 2016… Feels like forever ago, right? But this wedding at the Retreat in Corona, where I’m fortunate enough to shoot quite often, is still one of my all time favorites from that property. This wedding was romantic, intimate and classy as hell. Check out the stunning Mr. & Mrs. Dempkowski….


I promise to try to have more interesting things to say next week…. but I can’t guarantee anything. Thanks for hanging in there 😀


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Pinch me…

Is it really over? My head and my heart are still in Joshua Tree after the best camping girls trip ever… Also my FIRST girls only camping trip… but certainly not my last. The older I get the more I love to be outside… I think a lot of it comes from how plugged in our world is. Technology is AMAZING. I love it… but so many of us lose ourselves in it, and we forget to just BE… which I think is why I am loving to unplug more and more. I will admit, having absolutely no service on my phone makes me a little anxious. No, not because I need to check in with the Facebook world or my Instagram following… but because I don’t like the feeling of not knowing if everyone I love is ok. I don’t like the thought that if something happens to someone, there’s no way to reach me. That being said, I also LOVE the excuse to turn off my phone completely… I know for a fact that when I don’t have service – there’s nothing to check. As long as my husband, sister and Mom know where to find me… I can let go and dive in… and that’s exactly what I did last weekend.

I have not camped in YEARS…. My cousin Stacey, bestie Annie and I decided on a whim a couple of weeks ago to just go for it. Stacey is what I’d like to call a camping professional. Annie and I are what I’d like to call… camping rejects. We don’t really know what’s up. This trip would never have been as successful or as epic without Stacey. For one thing, between the three of us there were absolute non-stop laughs. Stacey and I were driving in the car yesterday laughing so hard we were crying, just talking about some of the funny moments of our trip… But for another thing, we also did not pack the right clothing and would have probably had to leave to find warmth if not for Stacey bringing extra pairs of the right pants and buffs for our heads. That girl scout is always prepared. These other girl scouts? Not so much.

I’ve heard about Joshua Tree forever. Everyone says it’s amazing. I’ve always wanted to go… and it was finally my chance. I knew it would be amazing but I had no idea what I was really in store for. I still feel like the whole place was fake in the best way. It was so unique, so beautiful, so mind blowing, that I felt like it wasn’t real. We got there early to stake our claim on a camp site. We landed at Jumbo Rock and I couldn’t have asked for better. We set up our camp and hiked out into the boulders… Hike is a generous word. Stacey was running around like an animal basically par-coring, while Annie and I, afraid to slip and break our faces, crawled across them like toddlers. After a few drinks, and the realization that we too, could leap from boulder to boulder with ease… we got more comfortable and jumped around like monkies too. We settled atop some boulders, drank some wine and made jokes, told stories, played silly “getting to know you” games (because we forgot to bring normal people games), and laughed until we cried, and then laughed some more. Below are the silly cell phone photos we took. Please don’t judge me for posting cell phone photos on my professional photography blog… Or whatever – judge me. I can take it. These are a mix of cell phone photos from all of us, as well as photos from my camera. You’ll be able to tell the difference. (side note: yes, my hair is naturally that curly… this is a rare site, I never wear it this way unless I know I wont be able to wash it, haha)

We then headed back to camp, added some layers for sunset, and I grabbed my camera and instantly became mesmerized by every little cactus or desert plant treasure I could find. Annie brought out her new camera and I gave her a photography lesson. While Stacey sat on a boulder contemplating life, Annie and I snapped away. Eventually we settled into the perfect spot to watch the sunset, and set up my tripod to photograph the stars. I was told that the stars would be incredible out there, and they did not disappoint. We also did some yoga poses on some boulders…

That first night Annie and I slept horribly. We were FREEZING cold, our toes were frozen, and we couldn’t get comfortable. I was in a 20 degree sleeping bag so I should have been fine as it only got to about 40, but I wasn’t. Meanwhile Stacey in her 0 degree sleeping bag is bitching about how hot she was. Annie and I wanted to punch her as we shivered in ours. I basically was half or fully awake all night. On Saturday morning as the sun rose the coyote’s started to howl. It was an incredible sound. We got up and decided to go on an “easy hike” that day through Lost Horse Trail. There was a 6.2 mile option or a 4.2 mile option and along the way we would see one of the most successful gold mining camps in California. We packed up our lunches which consisted of Lara bars, with PB&J on corn tortillas… or as I liked to call them, peanut butter and jelly tacos… because I insisted on eating mine like a taco. They taste a lot better than they sound, I promise. We started our hike on the wrong end and didn’t realize it until we were 4 miles deep and ran into some people who told us we went the wrong way. So we ended up on the 6.2 mile hike which was a lot steeper than we had planned, but it turned out to be amazing. The best part for me, was that Stacey is training to summit Mount Rainier so she wanted to do this hike with her backpack as full as possible…. which meant I didn’t have to carry anything. She carried our lunches, our waters, my tripod, my lenses, the rocks I picked up for Adalynn along the way (hahaha), and our outer layers that we took off as the sun beat down on us. I carried my camera, and was not at all sad about letting her carry all of our ish.

After the hike we went into town because we were out of wine… and we couldn’t finish our weekend without more silly juice, obvi. We also stopped by a camping supply shop so that Annie could get a pad to sleep on (the pile of yoga mats wasn’t working for her). I chatted it up with one of the employees about how to keep warm at night and he saved my ass that night!!! And my toes! Again – camping reject here – what he told me made so much sense when I thought about it. I couldn’t warm up the first night because I had too many layers on and was trapping my own body heat preventing the sleeping bag from doing it’s job. He told me to take off my outer layer and put it inside my sleeping back for extra warmth and that my body heat would radiate around the sleeping bag to keep me warm. I didn’t trust him AT ALL. I was not looking forward to going to sleep that night because I was afraid it would be another cold and sleepless experience. He was right. I took of my outer later, and kicked my feet around furiously for about 30 seconds to generate some heat (we all got a good laugh over that) and I slept like a BABY! So toasty warm and comfortable. Thank you mystery employee from Nomad Ventures. You’re my hero.

We also wined up and watched the sunset again that night together in the boulders. We danced and hopped around to keep warm while drinking our wine and playing more silly games before going back to our campsite where Stacey made us dinner…. again. She was our designated campfire cook. She made us baked potatoes both nights and eggs for breakfast all in the fire pit. We probably should have left her a generous tip or something. (these photos start with Saturday’s sunrise, through Saturday’s sunset and into Sunday’s sunrise)

Sunday morning when we woke up we watched the sunrise again. There’s nothing like naturally waking up as dawn breaks without an alarm. It’s so peaceful… After watching the sunrise atop the boulder overlooking Joshua Tree we packed it all in and headed back into town to shower and have breakfast and make the two hour drive out to Aguanga to the Temecula Olive Oil Company so that I could photograph a proposal!! What a gorgeous venue Temecula Olive Oil Company is. I would LOVE to shoot here again, or photograph a wedding there. It is stunning. Take a look at John & Riana’s proposal – it was perfection.

These two were such a joy to work with. I just know they will be laughing through the rest of their lives together. Their smiles, sweetness and laughter were absolutely contagious. I was so fortunate to be asked to photograph their proposal and engagement session. It was an amazing way to end our girls weekend. Congratulations John & Riana! Now on to the wedding planning!


If you’ve made it this far – thank you for sticking it out through this super long blog post 🙂 For more information on wedding photography, engagement photography, or capturing YOUR proposal – message me through my website:

And for the rest of you – I cannot recommend camping in Joshua Tree anymore highly. But bring someone like Stacey unless you’re like Stacey…. 🙂


“It’s a free riiiiiiide, when you’ve already paid. It’s the good adviiiiiiice that you just didn’t take! And who would have thought? It figures…” I don’t care what anyone says about whether or not any of the incidences in that song really constitute the use of the word “ironic” – I LOVE THAT SONG. I love rolling down my windows, blasting this song, and belting it at the top of my lungs in the car… You wanna know what else I love? RAIN ON WEDDING DAYS! And what better day to blog a rainy day wedding, than on a rainy day!?

A lot of people FREAK OUT if there’s a threat of rain on their wedding day. I wont lie… I was one of those people last year. Granted… rain on your Southern California wedding day, is not nearly the same threat as rain on your South Carolina wedding day. Thankfully we dodged the rain for my wedding… but not all of my clients have been so lucky. And as a photographer – I LOVE rainy wedding days. Because like a girl scout… I’m always prepared… and like a true nerd, I LOVE the challenge and the opportunity to capture some truly unique images (and I use phrases like, “like a girl scout I’m always prepared!” <— big time nerd).

Think about it… if it rains at your wedding, you are GUARANTEED to get photos different from all of your friends. I know, I know… “but it’s not how I envisioned my day!” Guess what sweetie pie… LIFE. That’s what.

When it comes to your engagement session, your family portraits, or your babies 6 month or 1 year portrait session, we can navigate around the rain. We can reschedule. We obviously can’t reschedule your wedding – so we embrace the rain in all of it’s glory and we DANCE in it. Well I do. I take it as an opportunity to blow your mind anyway… and while your images are not what you THOUGHT they’d be – I always promise to deliver something you’re obsessed with.

Take a look at one of my biggest rainy day challenges… We played in the rain, and then warmed up by the fire and got some very romantic photographs at a venue I shoot at all the time, but in a spot I had never before tried to use.