I love to travel. Sometimes I find it funny that the older I get, the more I want to capture every little moment. When I first started out doing photography, I’d leave my camera at home unless I was working… I wanted a break. I didn’t want to see everything through a lens. Now, I never want to put it down. I want to photograph the earth in all of it’s earthly beauty as much as I want to capture the moments of people I love laughing and enjoying life… and as much as I want to capture my clients on their biggest day.

I’m leaving the country next week and am debating on bringing my camera. I want to bring it SO badly but I also hesitate because of safety… but I know the entire time I’m there I will wish I had my camera if I DON’T bring it. So we shall see what I decide… the debate will continue in my head until the day I leave… Those are the inner struggles of a travel loving, adventure seeking, beauty capturing photographer.

Sometimes I’m super extra lucky and I get paid to travel with my camera! The beautiful bride pictured below is Whitney. She and I met when she worked at a venue that my team is a preferred vendor for. She was a wedding coordinator there. Shortly after I met, she told me she had a friend who had just moved from Tulsa and was looking for a photography job. She sent me her phone number and I asked her to join me for coffee to talk photography. Laci and I became fast friends and she worked for me for about a year until moving back home to Tulsa. I was beyond sad to see her go because I adored her, loved working with her, and she had proven to be an integral part of my team… AND one of the first photographers I hired (after my darling Elaine) when I began growing my team.

After Laci broke my heart and left me… we stayed in touch. She traveled with me to New York for a wedding, she traveled out to my wedding in South Carolina, and every time she comes back to California we pick up where we left off. All the while, I continued of course, to build my relationship with Whitney. Whitney told me from very early on, long before she met Ryan – that she would want me to photograph her wedding one day. It always made me warm and fuzzy inside. When she finally met the love of her life (about 3 years after she and I met) she started talking about me photographing her wedding again and I was thrilled. Whitney & Ryan got engaged just before the holidays last year and married last weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Whitney is from.

I have said it before and I will say it again… when people in the wedding industry ask ME to capture THEIR wedding… the compliment is ten fold. They work with so many photographers and have so many options, and when they choose little ‘ol me… my heart explodes. It was a true honor to capture Whitney & Ryan’s wedding at Spain Ranch in Oklahoma. Take a look (and see if you spot me & Laci):


The amazing team for this wedding included:

Venue: Spain Ranch

Coordination: Marissa Pascarella (fun fact, I also photographed her wedding!)

Floral: Crooked Roots Design

Catering: Catering by Orr

Bakery: Laurannae Baking Co.

Photo Booth: Oh Snaps

Video: ByDesign Films

Arbor: J & L Tables

DJ: Lions Road

Lighting: Integrity Lighting


For more information on booking YOUR destination wedding photography (TAKE ME ANYWHERE!) please reach out via http://www.briannacaster.com

It is not lost on me that running my own business has some serious perks. One of my favorite perks is that I get to sit in my home office with two of my best friends jamming out to Michael Jackson, Kesha, or whatever other random stuff we feel like listening to…. while drinking coffee in yoga pants / workout clothes post workout, pre-shower as gross as can be without being judged… AND edit or write blog posts. And yes that’s an exact description of what’s happening right now. Shylo is here too… laying on the floor looking at us like she’s bored. But hey – as long as she doesn’t randomly decide to pee on my living room floor today, it’s a win (yes – she did that yesterday).

It is also not lost on me that I get to work with some of the coolest people ever. My team is full of incredible women (and MEN! We love you Antonio!), and our clients are THE. BEST. I wont lie to you – I don’t connect and become BFF’s with every client… as much as I want to because I’m a believer that you can never have too many friends. I do always have a great repore with my clients – but they don’t ALL follow me on IG or friend me FB and that’s ok. But when our personalities mesh harmoniously and we giggle together through our engagement session I leave on cloud 9 totally in love with my couples. Not only do I become even more thrilled to capture their wedding, but I get all the warm fuzzies inside and love being able to stay connected and watch their beautiful lives unfold together through social media. The best compliment is when they come back to me for their friends weddings, or their next life milestone. NOTHING feels better than being asked to capture their milestones time and time again.

Yes, this is all a segway into telling you how much I freaking LOVE Shyia & Alex!!!!! Guess where they found me you guys… INSTAGRAM! They saw my styled shoot at Rancho Las Lomas which took the cover and a four page spread in Ceremony Magazine which then got shared by Rancho Las Lomas – and reached out…. and the rest is history. I sincerely loved every moment with them. Shyia literally had sunshine shooting out of her from every angle when I showed up at Rancho Las Lomas to begin capturing their day. That’s the best way to describe her… she is the kind of girl that literally lights up every single room she walks into with her beautiful smile and warm, bubbly personality. Alex is the same – his bright smile and calm friendly demeanor will make you feel welcome from the moment he greets you. If I did my job right (and I think I did…) you can see their personalities in every image. We were absolutely oozing with love and uncontrollable googely eyes all day over these two and their families. Take a look:


I know – it’s a lot of images… but I couldn’t help myself. I rarely can if you haven’t noticed.

We had a team of amazing vendors including one of the best bands I’ve ever heard at a wedding! Everyone worked seamlessly together to pull of the perfect day for Shyia & Alex.

Venue: Rancho Las Lomas

Planning: Jenna at Engaged Events

Photography: Brianna Caster & Co. Photographers

Floral: Parker & Posies

Beauty: Vanity Belle

Gown: Pronovias

Band: de Bois Entertainment

Catering: 24 Carrots

Deserts: Paper Street Cake

For more information on Orange County Wedding Photography or anywhere around the globe – please visit http://www.BriannaCaster.com

We’re about 5 months into 2018 incase you didn’t know… and for our team – it’s been a super weird year for bookings, but we have had some AMAAAAZZZING clients and it’s only MAY!!!!

I always think I have the “busy season” pegged in the wedding industry. Historically, March through October is the busiest time for us. With the months of March and October specifically being the absolute busiest – but having very consistent work throughout the months in between. This year, we started out with a HUGE February with 12 weddings (opposed to last years TWO weddings in February)… consistently busy through June, and then BAM… huge drop off in July and August, picking back up in September. JULY you guys. JULY is slow. It’s banana’s. Probably not nearly as fascinating and mind blowing to all of you as it is to me… but I’ve actually heard from several others in the industry that the summer months this year are just not as busy. So it’s not just me…. which is encouraging.

I have already photographed SEVERAL amazing couples this year that I can’t WAIT to get published anywhere and everywhere, and have several more coming my way. I have a legitimate first world problem… WHICH weddings do I submit to print, and which weddings do I submit to blogs? There have just been so many stunners who have stolen my heart with their sweetness and had me tearing up at their weddings that I just want to share all of them with the whole world!!! AND I’M NOT EVEN DONE YET!!! I have three weddings in a row this weekend alone, starting today…

This couple is no exception…. they will tie the knot in October at Mission Viejo Country Club and I absolutely adore them. Just look how photogenic they are and how cute they are together – I mean COME ON!!!


So here’s to 2018 in all of it’s booking weirdness, and killer couple glory! For more information on wedding photography in orange county and around the globe (I’m off to Tulsa next week!) – please visit http://www.BriannaCaster.com and don’t forget to follow me on IG @briannacaster


Off to start my triple header weekend… by Sunday I’ll be a zombie. Worth it.


I for sure forgot to post a blog last week. Oopsie! In my defense… I’m actually impressed that I got a post up the week before because for the last two weeks I’ve had construction going on in my kitchen… My office shares a wall with my kitchen, so there was absolutely no getting any work done at home for almost two solid weeks. I was anywhere but here avoiding the noise and dust. The good news is, I now have a gorgeous new kitchen… And I love it so much I want to move my desk out of the office and into the middle of the kitchen floor just so I can look up and see my pretty new space. That’s unrealistic so instead I just keep finding excuses to go in there and look around or use something. It makes me forget how much it all cost us for about 30 seconds each time… Worth it. But I digress… Moving on!

I know this will come as a shock to most of you (note the sarcasm), but I don’t book every client that emails, DM’s, texts or calls me. 9 times out of 10, if they are willing to come and meet me in person, I almost always book them. Why is that? I like to think it’s because I’m so lovable… but the truth is – if someone likes my work enough to have more than an email exchange, or chat on the phone… they’ve probably mostly already made up their mind by the time they meet me. My stellar personality just helps solidify their decision. Just kidding… mostly. Obviously personality is important, but it’s about the way I make them feel when they are in my studio, how confident I am in what I do, and how safe they feel putting their biggest day in my hands. I don’t always know why people choose not to book me – sometimes they just ghost me completely which is super duper irritating. How can I know if I’m doing something wrong if people don’t tell me? When I do get the feedback it’s typically because they found someone “cheaper”. That hurts, but it doesn’t hurt NEARLY as much as when I get passed up because this other photographer “has shot at my venue before.”

Just last week I had an MOB (mother of the bride) call me to discuss my services. I LOVE talking to Mom’s helping their daughters plan weddings – I really really do. I don’t know what it is, maybe it reminds me of my connection with MY Mom… but I just love Mom’s. Anyway – we spoke on Thursday afternoon and scheduled a meeting for Monday evening. On Saturday, Mom called me to tell me they already decided to go with another photographer because that photographer had worked at their venue before… I was devastated, truly. I immediately began throwing myself a pity party for one. It nearly ruined my entire day because I was SO pumped to meet this family after having such a great chat with Mom over the phone. They had a solid, realistic photography budget, and I felt like I really connected with Mama when we spoke. I didn’t even get a chance to dazzle them with my charm because they made a decision based on something that DOES NOT MATTER. What’s worse, is that it was a venue I’ve been to many times in my life, and actually have not ever photographed a ceremony or reception at, but I have photographed all of the formal wedding portraits there for a client at before. I am incredibly familiar with the property… but even if I wasn’t it wouldn’t matter.

So my Public Service Announcement for Wedding Photography today is this: When looking for someone to photograph your wedding, it does NOT matter if they have been to your property before. You are hiring an artist! You are hiring someone who can walk into a space and understand the light and see all of the photographic potential instantly. Please – tell all of your friends this. Choose your photographer because you love their work, you love their personality, and trust that as an artist and a professional – they will crush it. I don’t know who put the idea in people’s heads that you need to hire someone who has been to your property before… but I’m making it my life goal to undo that misconception.

Take it from this lovely couple! The amazing Mother of this bride hired me, and I fell in love with every person at this wedding! The Mom’s, the Dad’s, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and of course, the couple. Now, I HAD photographed a wedding at Ponte Winery prior to Cara & Christiaan’s wedding, however, Ponte Winery has multiple ceremony sites and multiple reception sites, and I had not yet photographed at their specific ceremony and reception sites. Mom trusted me anyway… For that I am very grateful because the experience I had with all of them was wonderful and their day was perfect. I literally can’t do anything but smile looking at this work and thinking about this perfect wedding day with all of these incredible people. Take a look:

In case my rant isn’t enough to convince people that having previously photographed at a venue before doesn’t matter…I’d also like to note that the first time I photographed at Rancho Las Lomas, and the Richard Nixon Library… both weddings got published in a magazine. So there 😛 Tell your friends 🙂

Cara & Christiaan’s Vendors:

Venue: Ponte Winery

Coordination: Samantha Rizzo

Beauty: Sandra Michelle Artistry

Videography: Amber Exposure

Floral: Flowers by Coley

DJ: Sterling Productions

Dessert: Laura Maries Cakes

Gown: Lazaro Bridal

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Invitation Suite: Hoover Printing

Photography: Yours Truly… obviously 😉


For more information on wedding photography, please check out my website and drop me a line! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @briannacaster

Peace, Love & Photographing at Venues for the First time,



You guys! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself…. Just ask Alex – I was blowing her up for about 20 minutes straight today via text telling her about my new SleekLens actions and brushes from Lightroom. The Portrait Essentials kit comes with a plethora of options for presets – but I will be honest, I have a modified a preset I had previously that I LOVE so my focus when trying out this kit was much more on the brushes than it was on the presets. However I did scroll through a lot of them and the variety is on point! There is a lot to choose from and I feel like they can fit many many photography styles – so choose your favorite, and have fun!

THE BRUSHES THOUGH!!! I am literally obsessed with them. YOU CAN LITERALLY PUT MAKE UP ON YOUR CLIENT WITH THESE BRUSHES! There’s an eyeliner brush, a skin color tone brush, a CONTOUR brush…. And one of my favorite features – they don’t lump the “eye enhancement” into one tool… there is an enhancement for blue eyes, green eyes, and brown eyes. I LOVE that. You can enhance brown hair, blond hair, eyebrows, add blush, make the lips shiney, lighten under the eyes… FORGET JUMPING TO PHOTOSHOP ever again with these amazing brushes. What’s more is that none of these brushes are so over the top that they make your client look fake. It looks natural, it’s beautiful – and it’s quick and easy because you don’t need two different programs to create the perfect image anymore…. Or, if you already didn’t do that – now you don’t have to create a customized brush for each and every detail. They have been created for you and they are MONEY. Also – if you do feel the brush is a little too strong for a certain point in your image – you just reduce the flow. Easy peasy.

I love them and I have barely scratched the surface. Sleeklens – I’m obsessed with you, and I will be telling EVERYONE I know about this incredible bundle. I’m also positive I’ll be shopping with you again soon for your Landscape Essentials! Take a look at some before and after edits! In the first two, the image on the left is completely unedited. In the third screen shot the image on the left is edited with my custom preset, and the image on the right has the SleekLens skin softening brush, lighten under eye brush, eye enhancement for brown eyes, eyebrow enhancement, dark hair enhancement, contour, blush AND rosey lips. The image on the right in all four screen shots have all of those brush enhancements! These brush adjustments were done at the standard flow that defaults on the SleekLens brushes, I did not make any changes to the brushes.

For those of you dying to dive in and try these – you can get them here: https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets/

https://sleeklens.com/product/strike-a-poseportrait-workflow/ and https://www.pinterest.com/sleeklens/lightroom-presets

And just for extra fun – here are more from Dustin & Michelle’s adorable engagement session at Irvine Regional Park:

I hope some of you enjoyed my technical rant today… 😀 With love, Brianna (If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at my computer with my face glued to it playing with SleekLens brushes… If I’m not back in a week, send help.)

If you’re a business owner, you know there are many things to stress about. I think that’s par for the course in most careers. Fortunately, I am not one to stress out easily. But there are a couple of things that make me stress out heavily and unfortunately stress for me leads to depression. Not the kind of depression I can’t get out of, or the kind that makes me sink into a hole and hide… but the kind that makes me feel like my spirit is broken and I hang my head low until I can emotionally work my way out of that stress. I start questioning everything I do and wondering – is it me? That happens to us because the Photography world is intensely personal. It’s our artistic expression.

So what is it that causes this kind of stress for photographers? It’s not a 2 hour delayed timeline the day of; it’s not the request of 15 organized large group photos that we have to squeeze in along with wedding party and couple portraits in a 40 minute window; it’s not a late bride; it’s not a disorganized timeline; and it’s not 75 guests standing next to us with their cell phones trying to get pictures along side us. It’s that we put our heart and soul into what we do, and sometimes there are people that we can’t please… and we don’t get do-overs. I can tell myself and my team repeatedly that we can’t please 100% of the clients 100% of the time… but that doesn’t make it any easier when we have worked our tails off to organize the day, choose the best locations, get every single possible photograph that could be desired… we edit and re-edit the work to perfection before delivering it… and still the client finds something to be upset about. The 700 beautiful images aren’t mentioned – but the 50 they dislike are. The countless perfect moments captured aren’t acknowledged, but great Aunt Susie wasn’t photographed even though no one ever told us who she was or that she was important to be photographed… and tears have been shed over the fact that there isn’t a photo of her. There are 75 stunning images of the couple, but there are 4 where they don’t look super flattering and how could we possibly think those were good photos?

These are the things that cause deep stress and heavy hearts. All we ever want is to make our clients beyond happy, to exceed their expectations and give them images that perfectly emulate the beauty of their day; images they will cherish. When we are met with incredible reviews and emails that our clients cried tears of joy looking at their images – it puts us on cloud 9 and we are reminded of why what we do is so important. And 98% of the time those are the responses that we get! The other 2% of the time it’s the polar opposite… and while those odds are greatly in our favor, that 2% feels like 100% when it hits us square in the nose.

My hope with this blog is that photographers out there, and business owners know that you aren’t alone. Although it’s rare, we all get complaints… and they hurt our hearts! It is also my hope that couples out there understand that you are not going to be madly in love with every single image from your wedding – it’s not possible. So try to see all the beauty you received – and know that your photographer did everything they could to get you everything you could have possibly wanted, and they put their most artistic and talented foot forward for you.


For more information on Orange County wedding photography and engagement sessions… or whatever your heart desires – visit http://www.briannacaster.com


The older I get the more I fall in love with what I do, and the further I dive into my business the more I learn about myself. The harder things get in my business, the more I learn… and the older I get – the more I love to learn. I am a super nerd for my photography business; for photographing weddings, engagements, families, toddlers, and my own family, vacations, wild life and all the things I capture not for profit.

I said to some friends last night over dinner that some times, in my business, I ask myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Some days I want to give up because it’s hard and I feel like I can’t win. But I’m a really stubborn person. The kind of stubborn that when I start something, I wont quit. Unless of course it becomes something that could harm me emotionally or physically – we all have to learn when to say that enough is enough and it’s time to move on. But ultimately, I’m the kind of stubborn that reverse psychology works on. If you tell me I can’t, I wont cry and say ok and walk away; instead, my blood will boil a little, I’ll probably curse a lot (sorry Mom), and ultimately I’ll prove you wrong.

So although I do have days that are hard in business and almost make me want to quit… or I have short moments of envying those with a 9-5er who get to shut it down and go home (because my brain never shuts down even if I turn off my computer for the night… which I don’t even do because, what if something comes up and I need to send an email or look something up? Am I supposed to wait for the computer to start up all over again? No thanks.) – 99.9% of the time I love running my own business. It is worth every tear I have shed over it, every sleepless night I have experienced, every drip of sweat that has formulated in moments of chaos, and every ounce of self doubt I have felt. Because at the end of the day I have created this company… I get to live my passion and share it with others; and truly the greatest reward of all – is hearing how happy my clients are. I genuinely, deeply thrive on creating beautiful work that brings tears of joy to people’s eyes… And in times of deep sadness I have often received emails from past clients telling me how grateful they are that I captured such special moments with loved one’s who have since left this earth. To me that is priceless.

I get to freeze moments in time for people. Time goes by too quickly… and memories are all we have at the end of it all. My greatest honor is being able to stop time for people in the form of photographs that allow them to relive those glory days. Everything I capture, for profit or for fun, I capture with intense love, care, and a deep respect for those who will receive it knowing that each moment is a treasure. I will never put my camera down.

If you’re struggling today with why – I hope this blog post reminds you to search for your “why” and remember that it’s worth the struggle.

Onto a wedding that still makes me smile from ear to ear. I loved working with Desiree & Dustin and their families. Desiree’s father had me laughing all day, along with everyone else. Through his jokes and silliness, his absolute adoration for his daughter was so evident… as was the love between Desiree & Dustin. Take a look at some of the priceless moments from their day:


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Hi friends!

How are you? Hopefully you’re doing well. Feel free to comment on this blog and tell me… it’s a genuine question.

Last week I scratched the surface of some of my top favorite photography misconceptions. This week I want to dive deeper into photography pricing and why it’s “SO EXPENSIVE!” I get a lot of inquiries from people with realistic budgets, but I also get a lot of inquiries from people with extremely low budgets and I can’t help but criiiinge when I see them. I don’t cringe because it insults me, or because I think negatively about low budgets. Listen, I GET IT!!! I just got married last year; I know first hand, what it costs to have a beautiful wedding. We didn’t have parents throwing money at us with budgets to the moon and back. We had parents who wanted to help us in whatever way they could… and the rest was up to us. The rest was a lot! We were trying to buy our first home, plan the wedding of my (I mean our) dreams AND an epic honeymoon. We wanted it all. We had a leg up on the situation because I work in the wedding industry and I had a very real idea of how much things were going to cost. Not everyone has that luxury. Some of our clients are the first in their families to get married in 20+ years and times have CHANGED. So people often have absolutely no clue as to what they are getting into financially when it comes to planning their wedding.

Want to take a guess at which vendor I blew my budget on? According to the online calculators (which I only recommend using as a guide and not the bible of pricing because they often really suck) I basically tripled my budget for this one vendor. Can you guess? Photography. Duh. Which brings me back to why I cringe when people approach me with very low budgets. I cringe because I am afraid for them. I am afraid of what they will get for that budget…. and I try to gently educate them.

Yes, I am biased. However, I believe that your wedding photographer is the single most important vendor to book. This person is in charge of your memories! Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. If you hire someone because they’re cheap, they’re probably also very inexperienced and your chances of having crappy images or no images at all, increase greatly… and the memories of your day can only live in your mind and will fade quickly with time. Does this mean you should be like me and triple your photography budget? Maybe…. But if that’s not realistic for you then it’s not, and you can still increase your budget without being as crazy as me. How? Sacrifice another vendor that isn’t as important to you. Wow, that sounds really violent… What I mean is – decrease your budget elsewhere.

How do you know what a “good” photography budget is? Well according to Snap Knot, the national average cost of wedding photography is $2,814.00 – but in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Orange County – the average cost is going to be closer to $4,000.00. ON AVERAGE.

So – what are you paying for? If you’re spending upwards of $2800.00 on photography you’re getting (or SHOULD be getting):

  1. A seasoned professional
    1. Someone who has done this for 5+ years.
    2. Someone who has heavily invested in their education and equipment.
    3. Someone who knows how to organize your timeline and roll with all of the punches and changes and chaos of a wedding day.
    4. Someone who knows how to organize groups and move you through your day without missing a beat.
    5. Someone who knows how to direct you, pose you and make you look and feel incredible all day and you don’t have to think about it. You hire this person because you love their style and trust them to create beautiful imagery saving you the hassle and stress of not knowing how to pose or asking for poses that you want. You know and trust that they have it all covered and you just have to show up.
  2. Safety & Trust
    1. Back ups of back ups of back ups and redundancy shooting throughout the day.
    2. Security knowing that your images are being handled with white gloves and are backed up and safe at all times.
    3. A back up plan in case of emergency! A professional photographer will never leave you high and dry even if there is an extreme emergency preventing them from being at your wedding. They will have a back up in place in case of a last minute disaster. They have connections.
  3. Professional Business
    1. Consistent communication! Someone who responds to you efficiently and promptly because this is ALL they do!
    2. Someone who has invested in their business and their talent. They have proper liability insurance, a legal business, professional contracts that protect you and them.
    3. You will have the highest quality images delivered to you in a reasonable amount of time (3 months MAX – our max is 2 months).

Photography is expensive when you hire the right person because you have hired someone who has invested in their company in so many ways. They have overhead! As business owners who do it right, we are calculating the cost of running our business and factoring that into our prices.

For example – our company overhead is worked out to be about $500.00 per wedding. That is just the basics; the flat fee’s we have to pay yearly no matter what in order to keep our doors open. That pays for our server, our cloud storage, our CRM, our insurance, our office space, editing subscriptions, website hosting, blog hosting, advertising, collateral (albums, prints, etc that we provide to venues), etc etc. That does NOT include taxes, photographer fees, editing fees. Those fees are all on top of our overhead. It also does not factor in our education (I personally have a BFA in Creative Photography), what we’ve invested in our equipment, our time, our talent, or the countless hours we spend in the office all week long running the business.

So while $2800.00-$4,000.00 may seem like companies are making a killing on each wedding… and to some, those prices seem ridiculous… When you have hired a professional photographer who’s living depends on their photography business alone, you are paying for a top quality business that you can trust.

When you are paying $500-$1500 on average for a full day of wedding photography (8 hours) – you are paying for someone who has not (yet) invested in their business. Maybe they are just starting out – fresh out of school. Maybe they just aren’t very good at what they do but they’ll show up and snap the photos for you. Maybe they’re scamming you completely. How can you know for sure? You can meet them in person and ask them the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Is this all you do?
  3. How many weddings have you photographed? Or how many do you photograph each year?
  4. Can I see at least 3 full weddings that you have photographed from start to finish?
  5. How do you protect my images and make sure nothing gets lost?
  6.  What happens in case of emergency the day of my wedding, if you are unable to attend? How do you make an effort to protect me?

When I first started out, I charged $1,000.00 for my very first wedding. My clients were happy – but they also knew that it was my very first wedding and were ok with that risk. Everyone starts somewhere. You just have to decide: Do you want to risk the memories of the most important day of your life with a beginner? Or do you want someone who knows what they are doing and has invested in their business… someone you can fully trust?

That is up to you. But I hope this blog helps people understand WHY photographers charge what they do.


Check out our adventure with Monica & Phil last month. Their rainy day wedding was perfect.