“Slow Season”

It’s no secret that this time of year things start to slow down in wedding photography. And if I’m being honest, and I usually am, I welcome this little break. It allows me to recharge my metaphorical batteries. Just like any career, you can still get over worked doing what you love… Plus this time of year all the fun holiday stuff is going on and when you’re working like crazy it’s hard to enjoy it all.

So although I am still photographing weddings every month even in the slow season, it’s nice that I’m not photographing every single weekend. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to do, TRUST ME. It means I get to shift my focus a little from organizing timelines, getting my gear cleaned and repaired, editing, all of the things that come with actually shooting, to game planning, financial planning, marketing planning, and technique expanding while things are slower. And to me – all of those parts are just as fun. There is always something to do, and in this business – I am never bored.

This time of year also means I get to DECORATE and shop for gifts which I LOVE to do… and maybe sometimes I buy myself something too when no one’s looking…

There’s always an interesting shift with weddings in the fall and winter months as well. It gets darker earlier, so my days start and end earlier which is kind of nice as well. So in the spirit of daylight savings I thought I’d throw it back to this adorable wedding at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano from two years ago. We embraced the early sunset and rocked some night shots for Caroline & Cole. Take a look:

Who doesn’t love a killer sparkler exit, right? And that roof that opens up at El Adobe? SO COOl! Even cooler that they let clumsy people like me climb up there to take photos. I love this sweet little unique venue.

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In case you haven’t noticed by all the pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that, Christmas commercials, and obnoxious “WAR ON CHRISTMAS” debates going around, it’s November!

I personally don’t give a rip if you wish me Happy Holidays or say Merry Christmas…. hell, wish me Happy Hanukah if you feel like it. You know what matters to me? The fact that people are giving each other friendly greetings everywhere I go because they’re HAPPY! They’re feeling festive! And it doesn’t matter what you celebrate – just be kind to one another and stop getting so friggin’ offended if someone doesn’t extend a holiday greeting in your native holiday language – just be grateful they smiled at you and said something kind… take that smile and good wish, and pass it along to the next person you see. And stop with the opinions about what’s on the cups.

This year we have experienced a lot of sadness in our country and around the world. The media is filled with hatred and disdain and every time I turn on the news I feel like something else horrible has happened. So in the spirit of this month of giving thanks I am reminding myself every day of the things I am thankful for. If you follow me on Instagram you already know this, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram you should 😀 ( @briannacaster ) Each day I am posting something different that I have gratitude for. We are 6 days in and I already feel how therapeutic this challenge is… mostly because the actual challenge is only posting one thing a day. I am grateful for SO many things that I may have to just keep this going through the end of the year.

So my challenge to you, although we are already 6 days into November – if you haven’t started 30 days of Gratitude… start it today. Go for 24 days, or take it into December and beyond. Remind yourself each day of what you have to be grateful for. Some days that will be hard…. but I promise you can always find something.

Today I am grateful that I followed my heart and pursued a degree in Photography despite all of the “that’s a tough industry” and “oooo you’ll have a LOT of competition” comments that scared me. I went for it anyway and 7 years later… 9 years into actually being a wedding photographer, I am STILL in love with my choice. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get an education, and that I have the passion and constant inspiration to continue that education. For me, wedding photography is always changing and I love soaking up every ounce of knowledge I can. I am so grateful that I make a living doing what I love.


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Thanks for reading! ❤

Costume Optional.

Sometimes I want to revel in the past a little. Don’t you? Life gets pretty real sometimes and it’s gotten pretty real a few times this year – in amazing ways that make you thankful to be in the moment, and in difficult ways that make you wish you could go back in time.

So today I’m going back in time aaaallllll the way to 2015, hahaha. I know I’ve blogged this wedding before, but I don’t know if it was last year or not, and that’s ok because you probably didn’t read that blogpost anyway. Am I right? Yeah, I’m right. But that’s ok. I forgive you… because now you’re reading all of my blogs and following me religiously because you can’t NOT. I’m very captivating. Yes? ….No? Ok, I’ll try harder.

Can we also talk about how nice it is that the the weather has cooled down just in time for a creepy and cool 2017 Halloween!?!? Thank you kindly mother nature. It’s about damn time.

Anyway – back to this wedding (sometimes I suffer from a slight touch of ADD, but who doesn’t?). Barbra & Robbie’s wedding on Halloween two years ago is still one of my favorites. They made it costume optional, and those who chose to partake were my favorite people. I love that kind of confidence. My husband is like that… he brought a costume to work last year but didn’t wear it in. He went inside, saw that no one else was wearing a costume, and was like “Yep. Definitely doing this.” He went to the restroom and put on his Grumpy Bear Care Bear costume, walked back in quietly and sat at his desk and worked the rest of the day as the only person in costume. I find people that are impossible to embarrass to to be some of my very favorite people because they make me laugh all the time. And I love to laugh. Unfortunately I am not one of those people – I’d say I’m an inbetweener. The older I get the harder I am to embarrass, and the more humor I find in it… but when I do get VERY embarrassed, I turn 50 shades of red and hate it. I’m the kind of person that, as long as I have one partner in crime, I’ll do just about anything… that’s probably because I’m in the middle of 5 siblings and have never done anything in life alone, period. I always have had at LEAST one sibling, or cousin (I have 22 first cousins that I grew up with locally, and another 17 on the east coast) to help me be bold. My husband is an only child – and I would guess that having done most things in life on his own makes easier for him to not be afraid to stand out.

Alright back to these two who didn’t like to smile, but I made them anyway… I told them they weren’t allowed to look angry in ALL of their wedding photos – but that I’d let them look pretty badass in about half of them. They agreed.

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Life has a funny way of coming full circle sometimes.

Four years ago two of my best friends (Annie & Jamie) lived with me. We were in our late 20’s and life was taking crazy turns for all three of us. Just before Christmas in 2013 we decided to walk down to O’Hara’s Pub at the Orange Circle and have a drink together. We knew we were coming up on big changes in our lives. Annie was heading out on her own music tour playing in cafe’s across the states and then would be moving home to Napa, and Jamie was about to move home to Minnesota to help take care of her Mother who was suffering from dementia. I don’t remember who’s idea it was but one of us decided we should go around our little circle and tell each other what we saw coming for each other that following year.

I remember us all feeling this sense of pride and excitement for one another and fear for ourselves. We all saw each other accomplishing great things, but naturally feared these big changes for ourselves. Well, I should rephrase this… THEY had big changes coming. The biggest change for me was that my best friends were moving away and I was going to live with a bunch of stinky boys for the first time since I lived at home with my own brothers. So I was just throwing myself a pitty party silently while trying to send them off with all of the hope and excitement I could. Although big changes were coming for me too that next year, I didn’t know it yet – but somehow those two did.

I remember telling Jamie I was afraid she’d never come back because she was going to go home to Minnesota and meet the love of her life and leave me forever. She laughed and told me that if it was true love, she’d bring him back with her. But deep down I just knew she was leaving me forever… I already had a love-hate relationship with this guy she hadn’t even met yet. I loved him because I knew he made her happy, but hated him because he’d keep her from coming back and going on 18 hour camping trips where we “borrow” wood from other campers, pitch our also borrowed tent by car headlights, and lay on the picnic table singing with Annie while she plays the ukulele with a glass of wine, and pack it all back in by 6am the next day so we can get back to work…. or from sitting around on our living room floor together with wine in hand laughing until we cried… or from making up new epic dance moves in places where no one else is dancing with wine in hand… Or having therapy sessions together while we drown our sorrows and broken hearts in wine….(is there a theme here?) Ultimately I was afraid for her and what she was about to face going home to take care of her Mom, but I also felt excitement because I knew she’d find the love she deserved when she went back. And she did.

Within the first three or four months that she was back in Minnesota I got the call…. “I met a guuuuyyyy!!!!” I squealed with 50% real excitement and 50% fake excitement masking my broken heart, and asked her for all the details while wiping a single tear from my eye realizing that I might as well quit photography and become a psychic because I CALLED IT. His name was Aaron, and he was tall and so handsome, and so funny, and they were already spending every single day together and they had JUST met. That was it. She was never coming back to California.

I was thankful for Aaron immediately though. Jamie needed his love and he came into her life during one of the hardest times. He was there for her when her mother passed, and as most of her friends were thousands of miles away Aaron was right there.

As the year progressed and the gushing over Aaron continued, if there had ever been a doubt in my mind about this guy I had met over FaceTime maybe once, and there wasn’t – but if there was, it would quickly have been diminished. They came to visit once, Annie had come down to visit, and we were all together again meeting the love of Jamie’s life. We immediately saw everything Jamie saw and loved him too. Shortly thereafter they were engaged and enjoyed a long engagement.

As if I didn’t already think Aaron was the greatest gift on earth ever given to Jamie… he continued to prove what a loyal and devoted man he was. They hopped in their car and drove all the way from Minnesota to California so that Jamie could come to my bachelorette party. He drove her all the way here and hung out by himself for the weekend while she enjoyed her friends. Then they drove all the way back to Minnesota and all the way down to South Carolina for my wedding.

Then it came…. the cherry on the icing on the cake that is Aaron. He told Jamie he was ready to move to California and I fell out of my chair. I was so excited. They packed themselves up and drove all the way to California to begin planting their roots just one month before their wedding.

These two have hearts and smiles as big as the sun. They love BIG. They give without hesitation. So when it came to the task of driving to Lake Havasu for their co-ed bachelorette/bachelor weekend, and then from Lake Havasu onto Cave Creek for their wedding where I would be their wedding photographer AND a bridesmaid…. I couldn’t get there fast enough. Their wedding was perfect. Take a look:

So now they are officially planted back in California. And I will squeeze them and love them and never let them go.


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Who’s Phil? Everyone.

Also – Happy Monday.

Today’s blog post is about how to prepare for your engagement session! Or your wedding photography… But truthfully the best way to prepare for your wedding photography is to have your engagement session done by your actual wedding photographer… not some other “friend with a good camera.” If you do that – then you’ll be prepared for your wedding day photography. Why? Because.

Oh, did you want some real reasons? Ok fine:

  1. Most importantly, You’ll get to know YOUR actual wedding photographer!! What if you hate them? What if you have a terrible experience? I hope you don’t… but your engagement session is a really good way to get to know this person who will be glued to your hip for 7+ solid hours on the most important day of your life. You better learn to like this person!
  2. You’ll get used to being directed and posed by your photographer, and it will calm a lot of your nerves and get you EXCITED about how amazing your wedding photos will be. I mean if you love your engagement photos just imagine how stellar your wedding photos will be.
  3. In addition to it basically being a practice run, you get a bunch of beautiful photos of you and your love to use for save the dates, wedding invites, wedding decor, home decor…. or just your Facebook profile! Because that’s what you really want anyway, right? 😉

Alright – back to how to prepare for your engagement session. Rule number ONE – RELAX!! If you’ve chosen the right photographer, then the one thing you for sure don’t need to worry about is how to pose or look good. I mean, you can practice your smile and your smolder in the mirror all you want for sure – I’d never tell you not to. But when it comes to the actual session your only job is to have fun!! It’s your photographers job to make you look good!

2. If you want to get into better shape before your session – be realistic with yourself and your timeline and put in the work so you feel incredible. Set your goals and stick to them.

3. Along with your photographer, choose a location based on the look you want. Do you want a cozy woodsy feel? Do you want a clean modern look? Beach? Park?

4. Choose your outfits based on your location! If you opt for two outfits I always recommend one of them be on the dressy side, and one casual/relaxed. Do you want to be 100% authentic you? Choose something you’d wear any day. Do you want to look like freaking models? Choose something you’d never wear otherwise but makes you feel like a total sex-pot! GO FOR IT! Get your hair and make up done – the whole nine yards. I personally am a fan of going big. However, ultimately, I want my clients to feel AMAZING when they show up, and excited for how hot they’re going to look in their photos. So whether that’s your jeans and flip flops, or a super sexy dress or suit – the most important thing is that you feel that you look your absolute best.

5. Consider props – I personally think they can definitely be fun but are not necessary, so don’t stress over this! If you can’t think of what props you’d like to use, skip it!

6. If you’re like me and can’t seem to calm your nerves because you rarely like the way you look in photos, have a drink or two before your session (Responsibly please! Absolutely no drinking and driving!). I’ve had clients bring a bottle of Fireball to their session and take two shots before walking in… They also requested that I take a shot with them, and I did… it was a kind gesture but please don’t bring me Fireball – I hate it. Maybe vodka… just kidding. Whatever helps YOU loosen up and have fun! But ultimately, try not to worry. Within the first five minutes of your session with me, you’ll realize I’m not exaggerating when I say – you don’t need to know how to pose… that’s MY job ❤



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When it comes to Photography they say, “Pick a focus. Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none.'” Ok – so I know they say that about everything in life…. but I’m a photographer so we’re talking about it in relation to photography. Cool? Cool. Coolcoolcool. (just typing that made it start looking and sounding foreign… say it a bunch, right now, in your head… or out loud – sounds weird right?)

I went back and forth a lot in the past because I wanted to be a master of photographing all things people. Weddings, families, babies…. but as time went on I ultimately decided that I’m a wedding photographer. The biggest compliment to me, however, is when my wedding clients come back to me and ask me to continue capturing their life stories. My answer is always YES!!! I love capturing the lives of my clients and being a part of their special moments. But if push comes to shove… or someone just flat out asks (because what does ‘push comes to shove’ mean anyway? Aren’t pushing and shoving the same thing? And who pushes people these days when trying to get an answer out of them? Aren’t we all practicing ‘non-violent communication’ or is that just me? The last time I pushed someone it was my “little” brother Adam, and I think we were kids. Ok, maybe we were teenagers… but I digress), “what’s your specialty?” I say, “wedding photography.”

However, about two and a half years ago I picked up a new specialty. Ready for the cheese-o-meter to get hit so hard the bell at the top shatters into a million pieces? On February 24th 2015 I became an Auntie to Adalynn. This year on February 27th I became an Auntie to Jaidyn. And some days I think I’m a much better Auntie than I am a photographer. I also became a wife this year! I’m hoping that will also develop into a specialty for me, but I can’t speak to that yet. You’d have to ask my husband. He’d probably say, “She’s getting there… but I wouldn’t call it a SPECIALTY just yet.” I get it – I’m a newbie. I can speak to being an Auntie because my niece and nephew can’t really argue at this point… my husband can.

So right now my focused specialties are, Wedding Photographer, and Auntie (working on my Masters of Fine Art in wifey – at what point can I say I’ve mastered that? 10 years? 15? 20? …..1? Probably not 1.)

Every Thursday I get the pleasure of being the care-taker of my sweet niece and nephew. It’s my favorite day of the week. And pretty often I bust out my camera to capture the shenanigans. We run around with balloons, we play hide n’ seek, we make play dough, we try new foods, we sing, we dance, we cry, we throw fits, we take naps, we have silly conversations and lots of giggles, and so much dang love.

Here’s a small snippet of one of our recent Thursdays with Adalynn & Jaidyn.

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I wish there was a secret to balancing your professional life and your personal life… if there is, and someone knows it – and you haven’t already shared it with me…. then you suck.

I don’t think there is. It’s something I am constantly learning how to do…. in good ways and in unfortunate ways. When you own and operate a small business you get excited and want to include as many of the closest people to you that you can. Who better to share your success with than your friends and family? And who easier to reach out to and trust with your business and your clients? I’ve met so many amazing people, talented photographers, mentors, and friends throughout my journey in professional photography. For the most part it’s all rainbows and butterflies and everyone is your best friend!

Then all of the sudden you have to start making difficult decisions and actually ACTING like a boss and that’s when it gets sticky. I’ll be honest, the thing I like LEAST about my photography business is putting on my “boss” hat. When my team first started using the term “boss” with me I hated it. I’m a confusing person, I admit it. Because when I first ventured off on my own I felt a freedom I had never felt before. I didn’t have to listen to my business partner anymore or play by rules I didn’t like. I got to play by MY rules. I got to treat people the way I wanted to (which is with compassion, respect, and love). I was high on the warm fuzzies I got when I was able to take control of the relationships I was forming and didn’t have to follow the agenda of someone else. I still love that! What I don’t love is having to set boundaries for other people. But there’s no avoiding it when you run your own business. If you don’t, people take advantage of your kindness, they lose respect for you, and they make you feel crummy.

So finding that balance of being the “boss” and the friend is really hard. You want to always make decisions that benefit everyone, but that’s just not always possible. You disappoint your team sometimes, you have to be the “boss” and not the friend no matter how much you don’t want to. At the end of the day all you can do is try to be the most effective communicator you possibly can be, even when you prefer to ignore the frustration and hope it just gets better. It doesn’t. It only gets worse, and it only gets harder to address.

I am not a perfect boss. I know that. I also know how lucky I am to have such a kind, forgiving, talented team of women who work with me. The truth is they wont always understand why I make the choices I make, even when I try to explain it. I try to be as transparent as I can be, because I know what it’s like to work for small businesses and not understand why decisions are made. I do realize, however, that every decision does not have to be disclosed or discussed, but I try to practice openness and transparency so as not to build walls between us, but rather to keep lines of communication healthy and fair. I know I don’t have to justify my business choices, but I do anyway. I do this in the hopes that my team will always feel comfortable coming to me and communicating their needs or concerns.

All I can do is hope that my business practices nurture an environment where everyone feels heard, validated, and excited for the opportunities I provide them. It’s hard but I hope they all know how hard I try.



I don’t know what’s going on with wordpress – so if this gallery came out weird, forgive me…. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful wedding photos anyway!


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I mean – I feel like I’m pretty good at admitting when I’ve been wrong. And maybe wrong isn’t really the “right” word – I wouldn’t say that what I’ve done most of my career is WRONG per say…. I’ve just been cheating a little.

Let me back track a little and apologize to my readers that don’t understand photography jargon. I’ll do my best to explain what I’m talking about as I go.

Ok here we go. I use my camera in ALMOST full-manual mode. I set my aperture, shutter speed, and ISO all manually. I always have. This allows me to get the creamy skin tones, and super shallow depth of field that I LOVE in my portraits. But I have always used my white balance on Auto. I figured I could just fix it in editing later…. which is true. You can. But what I didn’t realize was that I was making my post-production jobs SO MUCH HARDER.

I’m sure all of my photography pals out there are rolling their eyes at me, shaking their heads, screaming at their computers that I’m a fraud…. However – whenever asked, I have ALWAYS admitted that I (used to) shoot on auto-white balance.

No more! I finally have started shooting in Kelvin. For my non-photographer readers… White balance is all about making the “whites” in your images, true white as they appear to the eye. This is achieved by adjusting the temperature. If you’ve ever seen a wedding photograph of a bride in a pure white dress, and the dress has blue shadows – it’s because the white balance is off. The white balance / temperature needs to be “warmed” up in order to eliminate the blues and get the dress to appear white, as it does to the naked eye. On the other end of the spectrum, when you see a photograph of someone indoors under artificial light, they appear very yellow or “warm” – this is when you need to cool down your temperature / white balance to achieve a more natural look.

When you shoot with professional gear, the auto option is pretty darn good… which is why I’ve never really bothered with it much. If it was slightly off, I could fix it in editing later. However, now I am shooting in Kelvin! This allows me to control my temperature in camera, which means later when I’m editing – it’s pretty friggin magical… and I hardly have to do any white balance editing in post. I say “hardly” because I’ve only just started doing this, so my Kelvin temperatures are not perfect… YET.

I was never embarrassed to admit I shot in auto-white balance, until I realized what a HUGE difference it made when I finally began to shoot in Kelvin. It’s like a huge metaphorical lightbulb came on right over my head, so big that it smacked me in the forehead and shattered all over the place. Now I feel crazy for having shot in auto!! It’s definitely not something I recommend to people learning, because it can get frustrating trying to understand all of the settings and knowing where they all need to be. My advice would be to learn your aperture, shutter and ISO first. Once you can walk into a room and NAIL those settings, start learning to set your white balance in Kelvin. It will change your editing life.

So anyway. That’s my confession. Don’t judge me too harshly. I pulled some images from last weekends wedding at Faulkner Winery to share because I shot with natural and artificial light, all setting white balance with Kelvin and it was AWESOME.

Enjoy ❤


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Venue: Falkner Winery

Florist: A Cottage of Flowers

DJ & Live Band: Still Listening Productions

Photobooth: Westside Photobooths

Videography: Amari Productions

Photography: Obviously… yours truly: Brianna Caster & Co. Photographers

We’ve all been there – right? Super pumped about going somewhere and so ready to book your flight. That was me when I was ready to book my trip to photograph a New York Wedding. I got to pack up my little Orange County wedding photographer-self and strut my stuff on the East Coast – AGAIN! YAASS!

Then you realize that for some reason every airline wants your first born child as payment for your ticket and you’re like, “excuse you?” And one airline in particular is in hot water right now, so they happen to be a lot less expensive than the others… so even though you swore them off years ago because of their bad service, you’re like, “I’ll take advantage of their mistakes. Book me!”

What I didn’t realize at the time of booking, was that United’s lower price had nothing to do with their recent scandal. It had everything to do with a new category/policy they started one month before I booked my flight… which is their “Basic Economy” category. What is that, you ask? It’s where they suck you in with a cheaper ticket price making you think you got a hell of a deal because they made some BIG public mistakes, and they’re trying to make up for it…. while they sit back and snicker and their devil horns grow REAL sharp *insert evil doer laugh here* and once you click purchase they go, “GOTCHA SUCKER! NO CARRY ON FOR YOU!!!”

Ok that may or may not be a minor exaggeration. But yeah – basically they dropped ticket prices in “basic economy” and the trade off is that you don’t get to have a carry-on OR choose your seat. Well, I missed that fine print. I kept thinking it was weird that I didn’t get to choose my seat… so I went back looking for where I could pick my seat because that’s how obvious this new change is NOT. I then found the fine print that said I couldn’t choose my seat, still found it weird, but said, “oh well it was cheap.” And stopped reading. Oops.

It wasn’t until I was literally hopping into John Wayne Airport with all the excitement in the world ready to take on a New York wedding!! While checking in to print boarding passes a window popped up reminding me again that I couldn’t pick my seat – and then there it was… a massive sucker punch to the gut… NO CARRY-ON! All the tires outside began to screech and every person crash into the one in front of them as my heart began to pound out of my chest.  I stared at my husband who was not paying attention, with my jaw on the floor. He was like, “what?” And I just pointed at the screen. Then my blood began to boil and I marched over to the counter.

After asking politely if I could just pay the upgrade cost to check my bag, and explaining three times WHY I couldn’t check my photography gear, and being continually told no… I began to get heated and scare my husband. He frantically sat on the floor while I argued, opened my photography bag, and backpack… and began playing tetris to see if he could get all of the important stuff into my backpack. I was on the verge of demanding a manager when Randy stood up and said, “Babe – it’s ok. Look. I got it all in the backpack. We just have to check your flashes.” At this point I’m pretty sure smoke was coming out of my ears and I was growing a pair of my very own devil horns. I was furious at how unaccommodating they were. I don’t know why I was surprised – but if I’m ready to happily PAY EXTRA to carry on my bag and not get the seat upgrade I’m paying for because I want my gear on the plane THAT badly – WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!? I was about to explode. Reluctantly, I listened to Randy… and we checked my flashes. My cameras, batteries, lenses and memory cards made it into the backpack. Before releasing my vice-like grip on the bag, I got ahold of my friend in New York to locate a B&H in case I had to buy new flashes when we arrived. When she told me she found one, I let them pry the bag out of my hand… and a single tear of rage fell from my eye, as I walked away defeated. I told Randy that if he would have JUST let me fight them, I would have got the whole bag on… but he was worried I’d be on the next cell phone footage gone viral of someone being dragged out of an airport….And then he found a wine bar and ordered me two glasses of wine at once and bowl of mac n cheese. He knows the way to calm my rage.

Thankfully the flashes were in working condition when we arrived in New York…. and I captured this beautiful Spillian Wedding:


So what did I learn? Never fly United. Double check the carry-on situation (but seriously, who would have ever thought no-carry on was a thing?). And always wine.

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Hi Friends!

Yep – I’m here to blab some more about BOOKING YOUR MINI SESSIONS!! I posted a lot on Insta and FB the first week we announced them… My calendar fills up crazy fast when we announce these so the last two years I have brought in more members of my team so that we can accommodate more clients.

Why do we do Mini Sessions?

It’s no secret that we are primarily Wedding Photographers. Through that journey we are lucky enough to build relationships with so many couples. Several of those couples start families and we are honored and humbled to know they enjoyed working with us so much that they want us to continue documenting their big life moments. How could we say no!? Because we book so many all year long (slow season doesn’t really exist for us, thankfully), it is often difficult for us to accommodate the number of requests we get for holiday portraits.

With all of that in mind, we have decided that Mini Sessions are a win-win for everyone! We get to accommodate all of our requests for seasonal family / couple portraits in 3 days, everyone gets their session in, AND its quick easy and INEXPENSIVE!

This year our sessions are taking place on:

October 21st – Little Corona Beach, Corona Del Mar as well as Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

November 26th – Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Brea as well as Griffith Park, LA.

And for the last minute Lucy’s – December 2nd at Jeffrey Open Spaces Trail, Irvine.

We still have space available on all 3 dates in Orange County & Los Angeles. If you refer a friend (new clients only) – you’ll receive $25 off your mini session.



Book Today!! Call or text us at 657-223-3060 – or email us at briannacasterandco@gmail.com

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